Today we take a moment to remember 9/11, and honor those who gave their lives to save others.

Remembering heroes: the 9/11 Memorial brings the names of friends and families together.

Honoring the Fallen

Explore the 9/11 Memorial through this interactive website.
9/11 Memorial Website

The “Dear Hero” Collection

An uplifting symbol of gratitude, The “Dear Hero” collection shares messages from children around the US to the weary rescue and recovery workers, firefighters, Red Cross workers, and other heroes at Ground Zero. One of these artifacts, a bed sheet hand-painted to evoke an American flag, came from Oklahoma: Lamont Public Schools, Deer Creek.

This paper quilt contains artwork and messages from children to volunteers, stitched together with yarn.
Hero quilt

Amazing facts:

30-foot waterfalls cascade down all sides. 16 pumps power the waterfalls. 550,000 gallons of water in each Memorial pool. 52,000 gallons of water run over the four sides of both pools per minute.

The “In Memoriam” exhibition honors the 2,983 victims with biographies and profiles, portraits, spoken remembrances and mementos contributed by family members. 1,970 oral histories have been recorded.
9/11 buildout