08 Apr

The NAVGTR Trade Show Project

NAVGTR Last week, Aqua Vita Creative enjoyed a small spotlight as our designs for the NAVGTR awards appeared at PAX East.

Find some pictures from the event displayed below along with a few of our designs.

We love games, and this project let us play superhero for a great organization.

We consider it an honor to design for them, and we all had a lot of fun in the process.

thumbnail (3) This is the main entrance for PAX East, and it was booming with excitement.


Need help making your trade show a win? We can help! Contact us here to get started or call 918.518.6576.

thumbnail (1)Great way to start the final expo day of PAX: Will stops by to check out the booth!

thumbnailNAVGTR Alley from another vantage point. The street signs were a huge hit and defining landmark for visitors.

largeA few minutes before the panel as the crowd was filtering in.

thumbnail (2)Main entrance hall for PAX East. All the action happened right here!

13 Aug

AV Apparel Designs on ESPN

AV Custom Clothing Design ServicesAs you may recall, back in June we designed some apparel for an ecommerce client, Run Good Gear. This past week, we were thrilled to find out our designs had been featured on ESPN!

Huy Nguyen, one of the members of #TeamRunGood, ended up placing third in the 2012 World Series of Poker National Championship. And not only was he representing the OKC Thunder (Thunder Up!), Nguyen was also wearing a black Run Good Gear hoodie.

Here’s what Poker News had to say about the apparel:

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