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Logo Design Services + Apparel: Women’s Event

Project: Event Branding & Apparel Design
Client: Sister to Sister
Event Director: Stephanie Guerrero

Sister to Sister brings Christian women across New Mexico together for fellowship and encouragement. They hired Aqua Vita to create a brand as a visual rally point for the community.

A 2-tone illustration celebrates the blending of a diverse audience, and reinforces the message “I’ve got your back.”

logo design services womens event
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Website Design Services : Retail

Project: Custom Website Design
Client: Grogg’s Green Barn

Grogg’s Green Barn brings sustainable gardening to the Tulsa area. They hired Aqua Vita to bring their extensive collection of plants, natural products, and classes to light on the web.

creative website design

We referenced the green walls and red-iron beams of the store in the website design, matching the experience of walking into the actual store.

Website design  front page

They wanted classes and helpful information front and center, since their clients depend on them for the best garden advice. So we made the site easy to update as new information and plants come in.

Website contact form

“The form you’ve put on the site has been really good, we’ve gotten 10-15 people filling it out already, asking questions.”

- Carla Grogg, co-owner

custom web design services : products

website development calendar

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Connecting Facebook & Email

Social media email integrationConnecting your email to Facebook helps you make connections, add fans, and get the word out about your business.

Did you know you can:

: Add your email signup form to any Facebook Page you administer?
: Auto-post your email campaigns to your Facebook Page or your personal profile?
: Pull in the most recent post from your Facebook Page to your email campaign?
: Add a “Like” button to your email?

Why connect Facebook & email?

1) Facebook fans may not last forever.
Remember MySpace? Exactly. With an email, you can follow your customers around the web, no matter what social network gains popularity tomorrow.

2) Facebook changes. All. The. Time.
With a Facebook Page, you become a sharecropper in Facebook’s digital space. And they’re notorious for changing the rules.

3) Connect with your fans over multiple channels.
Give your customers many ways to keep in touch with you wherever they go. This gives you one more chance to outshine the competition.

How can I make my email reach farther?

Give us a call: 918.518.6576. We’ll do a free analysis of your email and Facebook campaigns, with recommendations on how to improve.

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Packaging Design: Coffee & t-shirts

Coffee Packaging and t-shirts! We designed a line of coffee labels based on Corpus Christi landmarks. The owner liked them so much they asked us to create t-shirt designs celebrating the historical Lexington battleship.

Need a design upgrade (or overhaul?)

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