29 Feb

Gold Standard Honey Is Doing Sweet

Our client Gold Standard Honey continues to thrive and grow in stores across the Midwest.

Thank you to Reasor’s Dietitians for coming out to visit the farm, and for all your kind words!

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26 Feb

Soccer School Breaks 275,000 Facebook Likes

Congratulations to one of our oldest clients, EduKick Soccer Academies, on breaking over 275,000 likes! Breaking even 10,000 likes on Facebook
is a major achievement, so these guys are CRUSHING IT!

EduKick Soccer Academy Breaks 250,000 Facebook Likes

EduKick provides young athletes with the opportunity to up their soccer game and their language skills by doing fully-immersive soccer training camps in Spain, Canada, the United States, and other countries.

For a decade, we’ve had the privilege to help this incredible organization to get the word out through their social media, email and web platforms. It’s been incredible to see them LITERALLY taking the world by storm.

Great job, you guys!