The Orion Systems product reaches across the globe. Some of the biggest corporations in the world rely on their pre-employment system.

So anything we create for them has to stand the test of high-level trade shows, then hold the attention of a Fortune 500 HR team in presentations after the event.

Thanks so much for your dedication, work, and terrific creativity.

Trade show brochure

“Thanks to all of the team for developing our trade show marketing materials, booth, banner, brochure, and iPad presentation.”

brochure inside

“For myself and all at Orion Systems, we are truly appreciative of all you have done. Again, I appreciate your efforts very much.”
– Don Guy, Orion Systems

trade show client shot

It looked so good, and it was so easy. It’s perfect.

“I think they thoroughly enjoyed that Windscape background.”
– Don Guy, Orion Systems

Trade show background

Orion has been with us for over half a decade, and we have a very strong understanding of their mission, their competitive advantages, and their brand in general. Those are the kind of long-term relationships we like. We also share a love of classic science fiction.

desktop presentation

Orion has a very strong but pleasing visual aesthetic in the colors we used for their brand. Thanks to the many different industries they serve, we have a wide range of icons and graphics to choose from.

ipad presentation

Their product also generates its own performance statistics, so we had excellent proof of successes to highlight.

ipad presentation

As a design agency, we treasure long-term relationships because of the years of creative assets we have for them: design, photography, video collateral, etc.

The longer we work with a business, the more our understanding grows. Like with any relationship, when you’ve fought many battles together, the level of communication and understanding runs deep. We work for mutually beneficial relationships between us and the client. Their growth is our growth. Their success means our success.

desktop presentation

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