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How to Move a Website to a New Host

What to do when moving your website

Nothing inspires the same stomach-dropping fear as the phrase “We need to move the website.” A website move requires some planning and preparation to pull everything off smoothly, but it doesn’t have to wreck your week.

The important thing! Don’t panic.
Don't panic
It’s doable. And you don’t need to be a techno-wizard or code monkey to get it done right. You just need to know the right questions and the right people.

Checklist: Moving Your Website

With all the logistics surrounding a website move, it’s important to focus on the most important questions:

  • How will this affect my domain name?
  • How will this affect my website files?
  • How will this affect my email?
  • What else do I have hosted there?

If you don’t know the answers, that’s alright. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

1) What is the name of your domain registrar?
“Domain” just means the address for your website. Like a mailbox number.

For “http://google.com”, the domain is “Google.com.”

“Registrar” means the company handling your domain, like GoDaddy or Omnis.

You can find the domain registrar information by checking your site at: WhoIs.DomainTools.com

Help, I’m lost!If you have no idea what that means, that’s okay too! We’ll help you figure it out.

2) Who is your website hosting provider?
Your “hosting provider” company stores all the files, databases, and scripts to run your website. If your domain is your address, the “hosting provider” is your landlord.

Sometimes the same company handles both your domain and your hosting.

3) How do you currently handle email?
Does your company use an Exchange server?
Are you accessing email via Outlook?
How many emails do you maintain?

Email can be tricky, but this is an important part of any server migration.

4) What else lives on that server?
The website may only be one piece of the puzzle. Consider other ways your company might be using the server, either in the past or currently.

Are you storing any important files for clients or internal staff?
Are you running any web applications that connect to this hosting account?
Do you have any backups of either your website or other company assets on the server?
Are you running any eCommerce transactions through this server?

5) Decide how to proceed.
Once you have this information in hand, you can decide how you want to proceed with your hosting migration.

Make moving your website easy.

Need help moving your website? Give us a call!Need help moving your website from one host to the other? We can help. Our team has moved websites big and small. It doesn’t have to interrupt your business or your life.

Let the professionals handle it, so you can get back to business.
Give us a call at 918.518.6576 or
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Additional Resources:

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Design Inspiration

Event Promotion From Website to Event Posters

Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival called Aqua Vita.

They needed help with the design of a new website and assistance in promotional materials, including a poster and a video.

Aqua Vita's New Web Design for GTIAF

Aqua Vita’s New Web Design for GTIAF

Fundraising teams had already headed out and were rapidly gaining attention for their cause, but we needed to stay under budget. Not only that, but the artists, sponsors, and festival schedule were constantly changing as we worked on the site.

Lightspeed adjustments had to be made as information shifted. Knowing the work had to be completed quickly and efficiently, we focused on some of their finest artists and most attractive venues.

Their old website displayed insufficient information to be useful, and was woefully out of date.

GTIAF Old Website

Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival Old Website

Advertisement for the occasion of their 28th Festival proved the best way to quickly gain more attention on the best part of the festival – the beauty of the culture and the love of family.

We designed the event poster, showcasing the piece below,”Two Sisters” by Brent Learned, 2014 Featured Artist for the Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival.

GTIAF Event Poster

GTIAF Event Poster

Another key component was updating their event video with a new voiceover and correct dates. (See the finished video below.)Today we celebrate with them as they begin their 28th Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival honoring the Spirit of the American Indian.

As it was intended, the celebration is one of Native American culture complete with an art market, traditional storytelling and music and authentic American Indian food.

Those who attend will also discover student art, cultural demonstrations, dancing, and poetry.

Need help finding your business’ most attractive feature?

Call today at 918.518.6576, and let us help you find your best side.

Custom Logo Design + Style Guide

Using a brand survey to develop the perfect style guide.

The brand survey below is an example of one we recently completed for a client. Many ideas flew around the table and then through emails, until we decided on a wide range of options within the general style concept. After running a brand survey, we were able to determine overall reactions to our initial design.
GSH Brand Survey

The winner became the centerpiece of the client’s unique style guide (below), which is being used to grow his brand in every way possible, including: labels, delivery vehicles, brochures, and many other aspects of the now well-branded business. Are you ready to bring your business into the wonderful world of premium branding?

Call us today at 918.518.6576 or email us here for quick conversation about who you are, how you see your business, and how far you want to take it this year.
GSH Style Guide

pdfDownload the Style Guide here.

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Logo Design Services + Apparel: Women’s Event

Project: Event Branding & Apparel Design
Client: Sister to Sister
Event Director: Stephanie Guerrero

Sister to Sister brings Christian women across New Mexico together for fellowship and encouragement. They hired Aqua Vita to create a brand as a visual rally point for the community.

A 2-tone illustration celebrates the blending of a diverse audience, and reinforces the message “I’ve got your back.”

logo design services womens event
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