27 Mar

User-Friendly Websites: Rosenfeld Summit

Upgrading our skills! The heavy-weights of website design & usability from around the world will assemble as one at the “31 Awesomely Practical UX Tips Conference“. And we’ll have a front row seat.

We’ll be listening six of the smartest people in the UX industry sharing state-of-the art techniques. These insights will dramatically improve and strengthen our user interface designs. So everything we make, from eCommerce sites to mobile pages, will follow best practices.

5 Tips from Steve Krug

steve-krugSteve is a usability expert with decades of experience and author of the #1 selling UX book Don’t Make Me Think. In this presentation Steve will highlight and explain five tips that have had the most impact with his clients, such as, “Spend an hour each week doing usability testing of your competitors’ stuff with your whole team observing.”

6 tips from Whitney Queenbery

whitney-quesenberyWhitney is a user researcher, user experience practitioner, usability expert and author of Storytelling for User Experience. Her presentation will focus on content and how to make it better for everyone, reminding us of time-tested principles such as “recognition, not recall.”

3 Tips from Jeffrey Eisenberg

jeffrey-eisenbergJeffrey has been an online marketing optimization expert for over 15 years, improving online conversion rates and persona-based accountable marketing for organizations in 26 countries. One tip he’ll explain is how “micro-copy is critical to conversion.”

7 Tips from Susan Weinschenk

susan-weinschenkSusan is the author of Neuro Web Design and a specialist in applying psychology to technology and the workplace. Her expertise results in uncommon wisdom, advising us that “most mental processing occurs unconsciously. If you design for the conscious mind only you are missing the boat.”

5 Tips from Aarron Walter

aarron-walterAarron leads the User Experience Design team behind MailChimp, TinyLetter, and Mandrill, He is the author of a number of books, including Designing for Emotion. Aarron will explain how his team consistently delivers state-of-the-art work though a novel testing philosophy: “Use it while you design it.”

5 Tips from Luke Wroblewski

luke-wroblewski“LukeW” is an interaction design expert and author of Mobile FirstWeb Form Design, and Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability. Luke wields a special talent for combining his technology and design knowledge with inventive solutions, such as, “Employ just-in-time actions to reveal features only when needed.”

25 Jan


We’re proud of our team members for getting involved in the community. This year, Joshua Lee received an award for his work with the ROI Summit. This “Return on Inclusion” event presents the business case for diversity.

Tulsa community award

Business leaders from across Oklahoma explored ways to bring people from different walks of life together in the workplace.

Josh was on the committee to plan for this event, and this year marked the highest attendance yet.

Nice work Josh!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween with Aqua Vita

I love our creative team.

We can spend long hours banging out a project, then turn around and paint pumpkins dressed up as zombies, witches, time-travelers, fairies and dryads.

It’s a good day.

“My pumpkin is super delicious. Halloween is definitely fun for all ages.”
– Cassie (pumpkin named Claudia)

“I love Halloween. It’s been my favorite holiday for years. I love the costumes, the candy, the pumpkins, the spooky stories… just everything, really.”
– Michelle

“Painting pumpkins is fun!”
– Keren (pumpkin named “the not-so-spooky owl”)

24 Oct

Using Social Media for Business

How do I use Social Media for my business?”

We talked about this with local business owners at the Bixby Chamber Lunch & Learn this Friday.

Big thanks to everyone who came out to see us!
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Obviously you can’t cover everything in one hour. So we’ve gathered the Presentation Slides, Facebook Resources, Time Saving Social Media Tools, & LinkedIn Tutorials here for you to get started using Facebook and LinkedIn for your business.

Have questions? Give us a call anytime: 918.518.6576. Email works too. Have a favorite Social Media Tool you’d like to add? Let us know!


Using Aqua Vita for Business: Bixby Chamber – Social Media Presentation

Using social media for business


Disclaimer: Facebook changes things. All. The. Time. They are probably changing things right now. If any of these break, just let me know and I will update!

Learn 4 main ways to use Facebook for business: Facebook Business Basics

See how other businesses use Facebook: Facebook Business Case Studies

Build your business on Facebook: PDF: Using Facebook for Business

Build your business on Facebook Part 2: PDF: Build-Your-Business-on-Facebook


How to set up a Facebook page: Facebook Page Step by Step

Ready to set up your page? START HERE

Understanding Facebook Stats: Facebook Insights


How to import emails and invite fans: Build Your Fans with Email

Ready to advertise on Facebook? START HERE


How to promote your Facebook Page on your Website: Like Box | Like Button

How to add social icons to your website: AddThis Social Icons


How to add a custom tab to your page: Developer Notes to Create Tabs

LinkedIn Resources

Building Your Network: How to import your address book. How To get connected on LinkedIn.

Looking Good: How to edit your profile.

Making Your Company Look Good: Requirements to add/edit company information. How to add a company page.

Social Media Tools

Careful scheduling lets you plan your social media message in advance.

Hootsuite: One of the best scheduling tools for social media. Works with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, and more.

Tweetdeck: Great tool for scheduling, managing a large contact list, and joining Twitter #conversations

Sprout Social: Scheduling tool with great tracking tools to help you build your strategy.

Buffer: Drop messages in, and it automatically suggests best open times based on your follower list. Only works with Twitter right now.

11 Nov

E-Commerce / App Developer Wanted

Calling all developers! We’re looking for someone with the following creds:

  • 4 year degree in technology related major
  • 3+ years experience in e-commerce / application and CMS development
  • High-level proficiency in PHP, SQL, JavaScript
  • Moderate-level proficiency in CSS
  • Portfolio of existing work
  • 2 work or school references
  • Strong work ethic
  • Strong personal values

We offer great pay, awesome benefits and a relaxed, creative environment in exchange. If you’re interested in joining the AV team, call 918-518-6576, or email us at { info at aquavitacreative.com }.

Talk to you soon!

16 Aug

Racing Limos Rolls Out New Site

Racing Limos just rolled out a new website, thanks to Aqua Vita.

As the most-requested limo company for rock bands traveling the area, Racing Limos wanted to showcase their VIP experience on the web.

“I like to see the enjoyment people get out of renting our cars,” said Tracy Whyburn, Racing Limos owner. “We’re professional but not stuffy. With the website, I wanted a sophisticated renegade look.”

Visitors can meet the drivers, scope out custom limos, read testimonials, and catch a glimpse of their VIP customers at RacingLimosTulsa.com.

“I had a good experience working with Aqua Vita,” said Whyburn. “Everyone likes the site. They say it’s not your typical limo company website. That’s good; we’re not your typical limo company. We’re adding new cars every day. Coming soon: a stretch Jaguar, and a 50-foot Excursion with a private fog machine and a laser light show.

So what did Racing Limos website look like before the redesign?

Happy to help.

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