09 Aug

Web Design for the Nicest Businessman in Tulsa

We have the pleasure of working with some really class acts.

Today’s client spotlight: Ben Gorrell

As the vice president of one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Tulsa, Ben Gorrell has spent more than 30 years in the insurance industry. Like Rich & Cartmill, he’s built his reputation on integrity and helping people minimize their risk for businesses and homes alike. As an independent agent, he can shop around to make sure you get the policy that best fits your needs and your budget.

Ben Gorrell Tulsa Website Design & Development Aqua Vita

Dear Aqua Vita Creative team,

I am excited to let you all know I have received a strong Business to Business lead from my new Webpage. The gentleman looked at the WebPages of the Independent Insurance Agents in Oklahoma and chose ours as being the “Best”.

A second accolade goes to you from our IT staff. He personally complimented the attractive work you had done.

I am very pleased with the work that went into my site and the quality of the final product. I complement each of you on a job well done – the concept, the interviewing, the writing, the layout, the color, the links all go together to make for an attractive final product that conveys my philosophy and willingness to help.

Thank You!

Ben F. Gorrell, Jr. MBA, CPCU, CIC
President, Gorrell Insurance Agency, Inc.

01 Jul

Aqua Vita Launches Riverfront South July 4th Site

Loved this project!

The Jenks Chamber of Commerce wanted an All-American, classic poster feel for this project, so we rocked it out with the American Musical Festival style of design for Riverfront South’s July 4th event page.

Here’s Sean’s take on the design:

“I just got back from the east coast where the Independent Music Festivals are huge. The style is everywhere and it’s so much fun to look at. It really engages the viewer and encourages them to participate in the poster experience. I drew heavily on my experiences in Washington DC in the Indie scene to create a design that paid tribute to that genre.”

–Sean Ferguson, Art Director of Aqua Vita Creative

So visit their website, why don’cha, or feast your eyes on the screen shots below.

Riverfront South - Top
Riverfront South - Top
Riverfront South - Middle
Riverfront South - Middle
Riverfront South - Footer
Riverfront South - Footer
“This site is amazing! We love it, and it looks great. Thank you for all of your hard work and the rush job. It is appreciated.”

–Annette Bowles, Jenks Chamber of Commerce, President

Nuff said.

29 Jun

BBB Honors Aqua Vita Creative for Excellence in Customer Service

When you’re drinking your third cup of coffee (or tea) at 4AM, staring at a computer screen and listening to the rain, it’s easy to lose perspective.

When you’re polishing out the last little details of a project, it’s easy to think to yourself, “Is anyone ever going to notice this?”

Well, someone did.

Late last week, we received a lovely little package from the BBB.

The Better Business Bureau honors Aqua Vita Creative for Excellence in Customer Service, 2010, Official Accredited Business of BBB Honor Roll.

“Periodically, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rewards those Accredited Businesses with outstanding records of customer service.

“This determination is based upon several factors, which include complaint history, complaint handling, community reputation, and overall customer service.

“It is my honor to congratulate you on behalf of BBB on being designated as a recipient of this BBB Award for outstanding customer service.”
Amie Mitchell, BBB Director of Accreditation Services.

Aqua Vita Creative BBB Award
The seal is actually quite shiny.

It’s so rewarding to see hard work and dedication to our clients pay off.

It’s encouraging to be a part of Rotary and the Better Business Bureau. These organizations champion truth and integrity in business.

Here’s Aqua Vita Creative’s secret to excellent customer service:

The Four-Way Test

Of the things we think, say, and do:

Is it the truth?

This applies to every email, phone call, website, marketing message, and sales slick. With every project, we counsel clients to communicate the truth about their products and services. Truth wins out in the end.

Is it fair to all concerned?

We love what we do, but it’s important that our clients love it too. We listen very carefully, and go above and beyond. Sometimes that means we take a profit loss on a project to make sure our clients get a fair deal.

Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

We’re in this for the long haul. We look for clients with the same ethical standards as we do. Some of our clients have been with us for years, because we make these relationships a priority.

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Bottom line, our goal is to help our clients grow and become more successful. As we achieve that, we continue to grow and become more successful.

02 Jun

Aqua Vita Rocks Out The Bellmon Awards Website

If any of you are noticing a decided lack of frequent updates recently, it’s because we’re BURIED in work over here. We’ve turned out over 10 projects in two weeks. So yeah. Busy! But hey, I do have something to show you guys…something so monumentally awesome that it’ll fundamentally rock the core of your existence.

We’ve  all heard a lot about being “green” these days, but what does that even mean? Am I right? Well, the minds behind The Henry Bellmon Awards are here to tell you, and Aqua Vita we’ve partnered with Sustainable Tulsa and Tulsa Southside Rotary to create a website capable of bringing their message to Oklahoma.

What “green” really means is all about sustainability, and sustainability is all about the Three P’s: People, Profit, and Planet. Basically, it’s all about…well, I’ll let them tell you. The important part is, they’re throwing a rockin’ hootenanny on September 16th, 2010, at 6:30pm at the historic Mayo Hotel. It’ll raise money for all kinds of cool projects right here in our very own Oklahoma.

Click here to visit their website.

And hey, if you know anyone who’s made a difference here in the big OK using the Three P’s, you can nominate them for the awards.

Favorite things about this project:

  • The photo collage in the header
  • The super-useful, time-saving nomination forms
  • Doing design and marketing for a world-changing green event
  • The front page dynamically pulls its content from the inside pages (if you update the inside pages, the front page updates
  • Working with Corey Williams over at Sustainable Tulsa. We love you, Corey! You’ve got an awesome soul.

Estimated hours for this project:

  • 10 for design
  • 12 for development
  • 8 for copy writing and marketing


26 May

Aqua Vita and Tilestone Distributors Launch New Website

It’s always a pleasure to announce a new website launch for our clients, but I’m particularly proud of this one:  http://tilestonedistributors.com/

For starters, TileStone Distributors has, without a doubt, the most gorgeous showroom for custom tile I’ve ever seen, which gave us an excuse to put Josh’s sexy photography skills to use. We incorporated his shots in the animated slide shows we produced for the front page and the footer, as well as the custom product section and the order samples button in the sidebar.

The end result? Sha-bam! Have a look:

Other awesome features on this project include:

  • Lightbox gallery technology, allowing them to showcase large photos for their projects
  • Custom “request a quote,” “request samples” and contact forms with auto-responders for added personal touch

This project took 50 hours four our team to complete. That includes the photography, design, a customized content management system, testing, and two hours worth of classes and consultation at the end of the job.

06 Jan

Aqua Vita Creative Featured on Web Design Ledger

Hope you get a chance to read our article at Web Design Ledger today.

I’ve put together a personal cross-browser optimization cheat sheet/tool list we use at Aqua Vita Creative in our web development projects. This is the perfect starting place for a savvy business owner, or marketing director to engage customers or prospects on their website.
Aqua Vita Creative - Web Development Article at Web Design Ledger

Nothing says “I care” like a website optimized for your customer’s viewing pleasure. Of course you can’t please everyone, but you can make sure 80% of the website visitors have a pleasant experience with your company online.

Everyone needs to be aware of this. If you don’t know how your web page looks in multiple browsers, odds are you’re turning away potential customers.

Keep an ear to the ground, there’s more to come too! I found so many great tools, they wouldn’t fit in one post.

Matt found an alternative to the W3Schools statistics tool: W3Counter Browser Share

Questions? Comments? Brilliant statements? I’d love to hear your thoughts.