26 Apr

Cool Science: Dry Quicksand!

Dry Quicksand (yes, it exists!) is not something that affects our lives everyday. Really, you’ll never need to know this at all. But someone has taken the time to understand it and scientists can use that knowledge for things that actually affect our practical lives.

This brings out a great point. A lot of things about the web may seem scary or strange. You may not know how it affects your day-to-day business.

But we do! We take the time to completely absorb all the knowledge surrounding Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more, so that you don’t have to!

Ready for some help in the vast universe that is Social Media Marketing, Mobile, eCommerce and more?

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15 Sep

The Bear in the Woods

Have you ever been moved by a TV commercial?

If you have, it was probably done by Hal Riney. Hal is no longer with us, having been taken by cancer recently, but his work continues to inspire us.

There’s a power to his stuff that’s hard to describe. It’s simple, yet elegant; truthful, yet dramatic. If you’re ever feeling depressed, for example, watch the commercial “It’s morning in America again” below.

‘Nuff said.

13 Jun

An Important Truth

I just watched a documentary on the situation in Tibet, and saw this poster soon after. I think this speaks for itself. We should always remember how lucky we are, and remember how important it is to commit ourselves to giving back to the world when we’re blessed.

An Important Truth

02 Jun

Aqua Vita Rocks Out The Bellmon Awards Website

If any of you are noticing a decided lack of frequent updates recently, it’s because we’re BURIED in work over here. We’ve turned out over 10 projects in two weeks. So yeah. Busy! But hey, I do have something to show you guys…something so monumentally awesome that it’ll fundamentally rock the core of your existence.

We’ve  all heard a lot about being “green” these days, but what does that even mean? Am I right? Well, the minds behind The Henry Bellmon Awards are here to tell you, and Aqua Vita we’ve partnered with Sustainable Tulsa and Tulsa Southside Rotary to create a website capable of bringing their message to Oklahoma.

What “green” really means is all about sustainability, and sustainability is all about the Three P’s: People, Profit, and Planet. Basically, it’s all about…well, I’ll let them tell you. The important part is, they’re throwing a rockin’ hootenanny on September 16th, 2010, at 6:30pm at the historic Mayo Hotel. It’ll raise money for all kinds of cool projects right here in our very own Oklahoma.

Click here to visit their website.

And hey, if you know anyone who’s made a difference here in the big OK using the Three P’s, you can nominate them for the awards.

Favorite things about this project:

  • The photo collage in the header
  • The super-useful, time-saving nomination forms
  • Doing design and marketing for a world-changing green event
  • The front page dynamically pulls its content from the inside pages (if you update the inside pages, the front page updates
  • Working with Corey Williams over at Sustainable Tulsa. We love you, Corey! You’ve got an awesome soul.

Estimated hours for this project:

  • 10 for design
  • 12 for development
  • 8 for copy writing and marketing


18 Mar

QuiBids Harnesses Consumer Adrenaline With Cruel Efficiency

Have you guys been to QuiBids (AKA the new “consumer crack” site) yet? Geez those guys are good.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen someone up the ante with the whole online-auction thing, but QuiBids has done it. They’ve basically created a system that amplifies the sense of urgency consumers feel when confronted with an awesome deal. There are reports of users winning Macnooks for $23.72, VIZIO 32 HDTV’s for $2.60 and 8GB Apple iPods for $18.90.

Pretty freaking incredible. How do they do it? Simple:

First of all, there’s a live count down timer on each of these actions. Here’s a bid section on the front page:

QuiBids crack

Each bid placed on QuiBids costs users $0.60. By collecting $0.60 for each bid placed, QuiBids is able to afford the killer prices they’re closing on these items for. The cost is just sort of shared by all the people who bid on the item, and the last turtle over the finish line wins the carrot.

I’ve got to admit, I’m a pretty stalwart shopper, and this even gets MY juices going.

Good job, QuiBids. This was a great innovation. In the words of Donald Trump, I hope you make lots of money.

13 Feb

Is Google Moving Into The ISP Business?

Wow. It appears that Google may be entering the internet service provider business.

Just this week, Google announced that they plan to test ultra-high speed broadband networks at one, possibly several, communities across the United States. This fiber-to-the-home network would allow home users to upload and download at speeds of over 1 gigabit per second. Holy hyper connection speeds, Batman!

The United States actually regressed in our broadband speeds last year, and in many communities there are no competitors against incumbent ISP’s, so there’s been no incentive to upgrade. Will the Google experiment change that? We’ll see. One thing is relatively certain, though. Whichever community is picked as the test site for Google’s experiment will likely see a boost in their publicity and economy.

Here’s the cool part: From now until March 26th, you can nominate your very own community to Google to be elected as the test site for this new network. I’ve already nominated Tulsa! =)

What do you think of Google’s latest project? Leave a comment below!

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