02 May

The Virtues of Coffee

Coffee Beans

The virtues of coffee
Are truly extensive,
Especially of Javas
Whose price is expensive.

Brown is the color
Dark black, light with milk,
But guzzle it slowly
And it tastes like silk.

The way that it glides
O’er the lips ‘cross the tongue,
Can give me a pleasure
Whose praises I’ve sung.


So I’ll sing of my coffee
The beverage so hot,
Oh, it’s iced when you drink it?
With milk? Oh, why not?

The reasons we drink it
Are clear as the drink.
We drink it to work
And we drink it to think.

We drink it to smile
And to wave and to care.
If I make a pot now
We can sit down and share.

At Aqua Vita Creative, coffee and creativity often go hand in hand. Sitting down to write, draw or design something awesome just feels better with a good cup of Joe. We wrote this little poem to acknowledge our appreciation for the rich, caffeinated brew.

In fact, we’re brewing a pot right now, so grab a mug and join us to discuss the most delicious way to market your business. Mmmmmm, Java.

11 Apr

Happy 200 Million Users, Pandora!

Do you listen to music through the internet radio service Pandora? If so, you are not alone!

Congratulations are in order to Pandora for acquiring 200 million registered users since their inception in 2005.

Of that number, a whopping 67 million are considered to be “monthly active listeners.”

“We started this company to help people discover and enjoy music they love, and to help artists reach and grow their audiences.

Only in our wildest dreams did we imagine what it would become.

It is now clear that radio is changing, and that’s great news for music fans and for the tens of thousands of working artists who now have a home on the air.” -Founder Tim Westergren

In celebration of the milestone, Pandora’s released some spectacular statistics about their site:

200+ million songs streamed before 10:00 am every day (8,000 songs per second!)
1.49 billion hours of music streaming in March (170,510 years’ worth)
400+ curated genre stations created for our listening pleasure

And a quick glimpse of their own timeline shows how quickly success has become their reality:

2005 – Pandora launches on the web.
2008 – Pandora app becomes one of the most consistently downloaded apps in the Apple store.
2010 – Pandora is present on more than 200 connected consumer electronic devices including smart-phones, TVs, Blu-ray players, and streams visual, audio, and interactive advertising to computers, smart-phones, iPads, and even cars.

Once again, Our hats off to you, Pandora. Thanks for being in the right place, at the right time, to offer music to the masses, and an audience to the artists.

We mean it when we say: You Rock!

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