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Honey Packaging

Gold Standard Local Honey! We updated product packaging, did a photography shoot out in the vetch fields, and created a new handout for the farmer’s market and retail displays in Reasors, Green Acres, and many other Tulsa stores.

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Framed pictures from the wildflower fields are headed for high-end restaurants who proudly feature local honey. We also created a video of George working the hives, showing how the honey is made.

Celebrating Single-origin honey

George treats his honey like fine wine, specializing in single-origin honeys. Each year brings out different flavors and colors, poured like liquid gold from the comb into the jar. Three years ago, the prominent flower was the white dutch flower; this was the year of the vetch, creating light floral notes in the honey.

“I think it’s just incredibly beautiful. My wife wants to make a poster of that bee landing on the vetch flower.”

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Serious Stuff

How to Make a Better Website

The AV team stuffed our brains with awesome usability tips and strategies at The Rosenfeld Summit this week. Six of the best minds online talked about how to make your website better.

What’s usability?
Usability is about making the web easier for people to use.
- Making it easier to buy from an ecommerce site.
- Making it easier to check restaurant menu & hours.
- Making it easier to get directions to an event.

Sounds simple enough.
Yet it’s so hard to put into practice. Fortunately, we ascended the mountain to gather wisdom from the sages. We’d like to share this great knowledge with you. Together we can make the web safer place for humans.


Steve Krug

This man is a genius

“Usability is more about people than technology. And people don’t change very fast.”

“The biggest challenge is responsive design. We’re back in the wild and woolly days of the early interwebs, trying to cope with the fact that people have different screen sizes, and different browsers interpreting things differently.”
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