05 Apr

Facebook Lead Ads: Resources & Guides

Update (2016.4.15): Added a new resource link.

All of us who spend money on Facebook ads want to get the best ROI for each click, tap, view, or engagement we pay for. To that end, Facebook has created a useful tool for those of us who measure success in leads. They’re called (ironically) Lead Ads.

It’s a very simple concept: eliminate the clicks to convert.

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29 Feb

Gold Standard Honey Is Doing Sweet

Our client Gold Standard Honey continues to thrive and grow in stores across the Midwest.

Thank you to Reasor’s Dietitians for coming out to visit the farm, and for all your kind words!

Have a good story about a Food & Beverage rock star?

Give us a call. We love to hear about good people making a difference in the world.

28 Jan

Tulsa Ballet: Video & Photo Shoots

Videography & Photography for Tulsa Ballet

We just wrapped a fantastic video shoot with Tulsa Ballet today! (scroll down for behind-the-scenes shots)

We put together a few highlights from our Tulsa Ballet photo shoots to share. Their artistry inspires us, and we are constantly amazed at the sheer athletic ability of their talented company. We enjoy every show and every shoot! Hope you will too.

Nutcracker Photo Shoot

A classic for a reason. The performance takes audiences to fairyland around the world with music and dance inspired by Spain, China, and Arabia. For many people, Nutcracker is the first ballet they see. And every year, Tulsa Ballet invites hundreds of underprivileged kids to a special performance. For many of them, Nutcracker is their first exposure to fine arts.

Tulsa Ballet released a brief behind-the-scenes look at our photo shoot for Tulsa Ballet’s Nutcracker. Bonus: catch a glimpse of Marcello zooming in on the remote viewer after every shot, ensuring every pose is absolutely perfect.

Choreographer Spotlight

Behind the scenes with international choreographer Ma Cong. He discusses the inspiration behind his Studio K premiere, costumes, and music. Watching the dancers rehearsing up close, you can see just hard these athletes work. Drops of sweat fly as they spin, and they have every muscle under perfect control, from fingertips to toes.

Romeo & Juliet

Real-life couple Hyonjun Rhee and Youhee Son, along with Jennifer Grace and Jonnathan Ramirez, are the principle dancers for Edwaard Liang’s Romeo and Juliet created for Tulsa Ballet. We took some of these shots from a ladder to get the right angle.

Taming of the Shrew

An amazing production, full of fire and wit. Very few companies are allowed to perform this ballet. Complex choreography, dangerous stunts, and a demanding cast of characters require a world-class company to perform. Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring this to Tulsa!

Founders’ Society

Artistic director Marcello Angelini talks with key members of the Founders’ Society, with dancers rehearsing in the background. Inspiring stories from true patrons of the arts in Tulsa, who keep our dancers on their toes.

If you look closely, you can see the reflection of our white umbrella light in the right-middle pane of glass.

25 Nov

A Time to Give Thanks

The weather chills and our hearts warm as we take a moment to give thanks. As family and friends, we come together to celebrate all the good things in our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving

Our family at Aqua Vita gathered to say what we’re most grateful for this year. And we discovered we were all thankful for the very same thing…

Our clients!

We are so thankful to work for great people who make the world and their community a better place to live.

You inspire us. You bring hope, purpose, and laughter into our lives. You are the reason we succeed. You are the best.

We’re so glad to be part of your amazing story.
We love celebrating your successes. We’re honored to be there for you in difficult times. What a gift to know such excellent people!

So on this Thanksgiving, remember we are thankful for you.
For your hard work, for your late nights, for your dedication and passion.

May God bless and keep you, your family, and your business.
May you enjoy the fruits of your labor this season.

24 Jul

Google Changes and Your Business

From Google Panda updates to Google’s new (again) relationship with Twitter, it’s what you don’t know that might hurt your business. So, let’s get to the good stuff of understanding what you have to do (or not do) to get be highly ranked by Google.


Google Panda + Content

Is your content meaningful and targeted to the audience it benefits? Really? Are you sure? Because that should be the most important goal for marketers longing to be noticed and highly ranked by Google’s mighty search engine. So keep away from spammy content, and Google’s spotlight of recognition will shine your way.

Google + Twitter

It’s true, Twitter has reunited with Google, and it’s all about needing one another. Google gets full access to the Twitter “firehose” of 9,000 odd tweets per second, and Twitter gets to use its natural gift for virality on a much broader global stage. What does this mean for you? Start marketing through Twitter using well-aimed and well-crafted content. It’s about to get awesome.

Google App Indexing

Today, it’s all about mobile. Bottom line? On mobile, search of in-app data just might trump web data. But since the author’s advice to clients is generally to err towards mobile web over apps, this is simply something to keep an eye on.

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