The clock is ticking to March 11th, 2011 when Facebook will no longer allow the creation of new FBML custom tabs/apps.

New users will need to switch to iFrames where you basically create your own app and host your own media that’s used to customize any pages.

Fantastic! More customization options! Dynamic updates! Flying cars! Anything is possible.

(Have a custom Facebook page already? DON’T PANIC: any and all custom content you created with the Static FBML app up to and including March 10, WILL continue to be supported. You will not suddenly lose any custom content; you’ll still be able to edit the content, you just can’t add any new FBML “tabs.”)

For most small business owners, the switch to a more complex system where you create your own app might sound scary. However, your web design company can create any custom web page on your own website, skin it to no more than 520px wide, and that’s what you drop in to your iFrame app.

These new iFrame apps still allow you to send non-fans who visit your page a special message. Or after they click the Like button to join your Page, show a special offer just for fans? This is a great feature for special offers, discount codes, free gifts, etc.

Good news: Wildfire to the rescue! Just this morning, Wildfire Interactive launched their super simple iFrames for Pages app. Mari Smith took it for a test run earlier. Read her latest Facebook tips & tricks. in just a few easy steps your new tab can be live. You do need custom images and/or HTML though (same as before with Static FBML).

Don’t want to mess with all that code? Not to worry! Aqua Vita has tackled Facebook pages, and we can help you make sense of it all. Questions? Call: 918-518-6576. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.