Nordaggios Coffee

Nordaggios Coffee has been doling out delicious doses of caffeinated delight in Tulsa since 1998. Since then, they’ve grown to include roasting, wholesale, and catering.

They had great taste: artful minimalism with a hand-crafted feel. Their culture appreciates the “deep coffee experience,” so the website needed to be easy to navigate, fun to explore, and helpful as their baristas. We helped craft their national brand, website, and packaging.

“The new look you designed for our company is gorgeous. We’re very proud of it. And we love the new website. The content management system gives us a way to keep our website relevant and fresh, and to tell our story. It’s great.”

– Tor Nordstrom, owner

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What We Learned

A picture is worth 1,000 words. A video: 100,000. There’s no substitute for professional photography and video when working with a very visual or emotional product. For this project, we selected Matt Steele over at Zumi Studios.

Best idea ever: Attitude surveys. We tested the new brand direction with customers, team members and strangers early in the project. As branding genius Marty Neumeier says: “It’s not what we think, it’s what they [customers] think.” Truer words, Marty.

Coffee good! We drank about a million cups of coffee over the course of this project. Thanks, Tor!