24 Aug

4 Best Steps to ADA Compliance

What is ADA?

In 1990, President George H. W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into a law. This law is designed to prevent discrimination against individuals because of their disabilities. About 57 million Americans live with disabilities, including vision or hearing impairment, difficulty lifting or grasping things, or a mental or emotional impairment.

In the past 27 years, the internet has changed the way people use media, access and purchase goods and services, and gather information. This has introduced new challenges for people with disabilities, and many are often unable to fully participate in online activities as either a consumer or employee. ADA seeks to open doors for more than half of these people who currently use the internet.

How does ADA affect business?

In January 2017, the United States Access Board published a rule regarding information and communications technologies (ICTs). This rule addresses accessibility standards specifically in areas developed, procured, maintained, or used by federal agencies, such as how physical technology works with existing assistive technologies like JAWS, NVDA, braille keyboards, or voice-overs. These changes take effect in January 2018.

Though this rule directly refers only to standards for federal agencies, the private sector is being hit by “drive-by” lawsuits. Individuals are surfing the web with the intent of finding accessibility violations on websites. Lawsuits are filed, sometimes without warning or complaint.

Though there is not yet an official standard for website accessibility, courts have referenced Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Many courts are interpreting website accessibility as part of the currently existing standards for physical structures.

For example, in the recent South Florida ruling of Gill v. Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., a visually impaired man sued a chain grocery store. The judge considered Winn-Dixie’s website a connection to the physical stores because the website offered coupons, location information, and prescription refills.

What is WCAG and how does it help?

Created to help guide web content creators and designers as they make their sites more accessible, WCAG is a set of standards directly linked to ADA compliance.

WCAG 2.0 offers 12 guidelines in the following four categories: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust. Each guideline contains testable “success criteria” which can be used to measure the usability of your website.

4 Steps To ADA Compliance

  1. Determine your website’s compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines. While Level AAA is considered the most accessible, meeting all of these criteria isn’t always possible.
  2. Conduct an internal audit. A number of free tools include: AChecker, WAVE, and Functional Accessibility Evaluator (F.A.E.). Currently, there is no officially approved audit tool.
  3. If auditing your own site is not your area of expertise, look for help from a third party. At Aqua Vita, we can help you upgrade to an ADA-compliant, user-friendly site that attracts this new customer base.
  4. Have your web development team correct any violations discovered in the audit.

Why should I make my website ADA compliant?

These legal requirements are looming on the horizon. Creating a more usable and accessible website:

  1. Saves money and hassle now by protecting your business from costly, drive-by lawsuits.
  2. Builds a larger customer base.
  3. Provides PR with your local and web communities by letting them know you care for and serve those in need.

Though the accessibility guidelines require technical work, you can adapt while increasing your customer base and providing better services for your communities.

Need help? Call (918) 518-5907 for a free website ADA compliance audit.

24 Feb

Delivering Dictionaries to Tulsa Third Graders

Dictionary Delivery 2.12.16

Yep, it’s the blurriest picture ever. I’m going to quote David Hobby on this one and say, “Focus is over-rated.” Still, it’s the content that counts, right?

Every year, the Tulsa Southside Rotary Club gives out dictionaries to 3rd graders in the South Tulsa area with their names on the inside covers. This February, the Aqua Vita team – along with Southwestern Payroll team member Samantha Hartanovich – helped give these dictionaries to students.

Our very own Marketing Director, Jessica Cox, pontificates on the experience: “Our club has been doing dictionary deliveries for more than ten years. Tulsa Southside Rotary delivers dictionaries to every third grade class in Tulsa. For some kids, it’s the first book they get to take home. And we put their names inside each one.”

“I was a street-kid growing up, but I loved to read. Being able to give these kids their first book, and to see that spark, that love of knowledge take root in some of these kids…well, I feel like it’s one of the best things I do all year,” said Aqua Vita owner Jonathan Cox. “There’s really nothing like it.”

08 Apr

The NAVGTR Trade Show Project

NAVGTR Last week, Aqua Vita Creative enjoyed a small spotlight as our designs for the NAVGTR awards appeared at PAX East.

Find some pictures from the event displayed below along with a few of our designs.

We love games, and this project let us play superhero for a great organization.

We consider it an honor to design for them, and we all had a lot of fun in the process.

thumbnail (3) This is the main entrance for PAX East, and it was booming with excitement.


Need help making your trade show a win? We can help! Contact us here to get started or call 918.518.6576.

thumbnail (1)Great way to start the final expo day of PAX: Will stops by to check out the booth!

thumbnailNAVGTR Alley from another vantage point. The street signs were a huge hit and defining landmark for visitors.

largeA few minutes before the panel as the crowd was filtering in.

thumbnail (2)Main entrance hall for PAX East. All the action happened right here!

22 Feb

Comic Book Office Wall

We love comic books.

Epic stories. Heroes struggling to save the world. It’s great motivation for the office:

Aqua Vita Comic Wall

We featured the The Fatal Attraction arc, the Captain America “Fighting Chance” storyline, Classic Spiderman from the 1980s, and the 30th anniversary of Spiderman.

Staff favorites:

Uncanny X-Men: Enter the Mutant Called Gambit. The first appearance of Gambit, Storm’s origin story, and the return of the Shadow King.

Zero Hour: Crisis in Time. DC Heroes and villains battle Parallax (former Green Lantern Hal Jordan).

16 Aug

Racing Limos Rolls Out New Site

Racing Limos just rolled out a new website, thanks to Aqua Vita.

As the most-requested limo company for rock bands traveling the area, Racing Limos wanted to showcase their VIP experience on the web.

“I like to see the enjoyment people get out of renting our cars,” said Tracy Whyburn, Racing Limos owner. “We’re professional but not stuffy. With the website, I wanted a sophisticated renegade look.”

Visitors can meet the drivers, scope out custom limos, read testimonials, and catch a glimpse of their VIP customers at RacingLimosTulsa.com.

“I had a good experience working with Aqua Vita,” said Whyburn. “Everyone likes the site. They say it’s not your typical limo company website. That’s good; we’re not your typical limo company. We’re adding new cars every day. Coming soon: a stretch Jaguar, and a 50-foot Excursion with a private fog machine and a laser light show.

So what did Racing Limos website look like before the redesign?

Happy to help.

01 Jul

Aqua Vita Launches Riverfront South July 4th Site

Loved this project!

The Jenks Chamber of Commerce wanted an All-American, classic poster feel for this project, so we rocked it out with the American Musical Festival style of design for Riverfront South’s July 4th event page.

Here’s Sean’s take on the design:

“I just got back from the east coast where the Independent Music Festivals are huge. The style is everywhere and it’s so much fun to look at. It really engages the viewer and encourages them to participate in the poster experience. I drew heavily on my experiences in Washington DC in the Indie scene to create a design that paid tribute to that genre.”

–Sean Ferguson, Art Director of Aqua Vita Creative

So visit their website, why don’cha, or feast your eyes on the screen shots below.

Riverfront South - Top
Riverfront South - Top
Riverfront South - Middle
Riverfront South - Middle
Riverfront South - Footer
Riverfront South - Footer
“This site is amazing! We love it, and it looks great. Thank you for all of your hard work and the rush job. It is appreciated.”

–Annette Bowles, Jenks Chamber of Commerce, President

Nuff said.