06 Oct

Manufacturing Week Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Manufacturing Week Awards!

Stephanie Cameron and Dream It Do It Oklahoma did an amazing job spotlighting these local manufacturing heroes. Larry Mocha would be proud.

MFGDay2016Larry Mocha Advocacy Award: Phil Albert, Pelco Structural

Community Engagement: NPI

Sustainability Award: Baker Hughes

Wellness: Oseco

Innovation in Workforce: EBSCO Spring

Safety: Linde Engineering North America

As Rotarians, Jon and I were inspired by the positive impact of these Oklahoma manufacturers on their employees, their communities, the environment, and the economy. Also great to see the student turnout!

Thanks also to Tulsa Tech for hosting the reception at their Riverside campus. The applied engineering students showed off their robotics skills.

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27 Sep

How can Facebook help my business?

Everyone’s talking about Facebook these days. Even my grandmother is on Facebook. But the real question for a lot of local businesses is “How can Facebook help my business?”

We talked about this with local business owners at the Jenks Chamber Business Over Breakfast this morning.

Big thanks to everyone who came out to see us!
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Obviously you can’t cover everything in one hour. So we’ve gathered resources & tutorials here for you to get started using Facebook for your business.

Have questions? Give us a call anytime: 918.518.6576. Email works too.

Disclaimer: Facebook changes things. All. The. Time. They are probably changing things right now. If any of these break, just let me know and I will update!


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