06 Oct

Manufacturing Week Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Manufacturing Week Awards!

Stephanie Cameron and Dream It Do It Oklahoma did an amazing job spotlighting these local manufacturing heroes. Larry Mocha would be proud.

MFGDay2016Larry Mocha Advocacy Award: Phil Albert, Pelco Structural

Community Engagement: NPI

Sustainability Award: Baker Hughes

Wellness: Oseco

Innovation in Workforce: EBSCO Spring

Safety: Linde Engineering North America

As Rotarians, Jon and I were inspired by the positive impact of these Oklahoma manufacturers on their employees, their communities, the environment, and the economy. Also great to see the student turnout!

Thanks also to Tulsa Tech for hosting the reception at their Riverside campus. The applied engineering students showed off their robotics skills.

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25 Jul

EaglePicher Lights up New York

With a history stretching back to 1945, and energy projects including every major US space mission, EaglePicher’s reputation speaks for itself.

Entering new energy markets in New York, they needed materials to showcase their credibility to new prospects.

You are on-point with NYC! Great job!

– Callie Hudson, Marketing

“I thought you’d like to see just how forward you all are. This is my view from our table.
Note the color of choice for this meeting. We match everything.”

tradeshow 2014-6

Thanks so much for getting this stuff delivered in time for this event. Couldn’t be happier.

– Callie Hudson, Marketing

Project Notes

EaglePicher has done incredible things over the course of their history. But they had never given a professional designer the privilege of working on their stuff.

Energy Trade Show Brochure

So as we began to dig into the company, we discovered things they were very modest about, but we thought were incredible: doing business for over 100 years, providing batteries for the first US satellite launch, sustaining 2 billion battery cell hours in space. Really impressive stuff.

Energy Brochure

Re-discovering these stories also inspired newer staff members who didn’t know about them. It was fun to see their staff getting excited about their history all over again, right before the trade show.

The best part for us: seeing the team go to a trade show in NYC and be on-target with design for that event.

As a company who works in a digital medium, we enjoyed working with a business that helps other companies to make good use of their energy resources. They support innovative technology combinations, including sustainable tech like wind, solar, and hydraulic power.

Energy desktop website

energy mobile website design
It was an honor to work with a company who has been around for over 100 years and bring their products forward into a new era.

Design Notes

Sturdy, business-card-sized tri-fold design
Full-size tri-fold
Responsive landing page: mobile, desktop & tablet friendly
Harmonious use of new logo, colors & fonts
Engineered look and feel
Incorporated circuit details for the “deep concept” vibe