02 Feb

How to Embed Responsive Videos from Vimeo & YouTube

Need help embedding a video that works on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices?

Here’s one of the tools we use: EmbedResponsively.com for video.

Why is this tool the cat’s pajamas?

Here are a few reasons why you should use Embed Responsively:

  • Have confidence at conferences or networking events when people check your website on their mobile phones.
  • Share your video with your fans on the big screen without breaking the site.
  • Leave a good impression with visitors surfing your site on their iPad in between meetings or soccer practice.

Does it work with WordPress?

Yes! Embed Responsively works extremely well with WordPress websites, making it easy for anyone to get in the action and look their best. So buy Jeff Hobbs a beer. He does great work.

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28 Jan

Tulsa Ballet: Video & Photo Shoots

Videography & Photography for Tulsa Ballet

We just wrapped a fantastic video shoot with Tulsa Ballet today! We put together a few highlights from our Tulsa Ballet photo shoots to share. Their artistry inspires us, and we are constantly amazed at the sheer athletic ability of their talented company. We enjoy every show and every shoot! Hope you will too.

Nutcracker Photo Shoot

A classic for a reason. The performance takes audiences to fairyland around the world with music and dance inspired by Spain, China, and Arabia. For many people, Nutcracker is the first ballet they see. And every year, Tulsa Ballet invites hundreds of underprivileged kids to a special performance. For many of them, Nutcracker is their first exposure to fine arts.

Tulsa Ballet released a brief behind-the-scenes look at our photo shoot for Tulsa Ballet’s Nutcracker. Bonus: catch a glimpse of Marcello zooming in on the remote viewer after every shot, ensuring every pose is absolutely perfect.

Choreographer Spotlight

Behind the scenes with international choreographer Ma Cong. He discusses the inspiration behind his Studio K premiere, costumes, and music. Watching the dancers rehearsing up close, you can see just hard these athletes work. Drops of sweat fly as they spin, and they have every muscle under perfect control, from fingertips to toes.

Romeo & Juliet

Real-life couple Hyonjun Rhee and Youhee Son, along with Jennifer Grace and Jonnathan Ramirez, are the principle dancers for Edwaard Liang’s Romeo and Juliet created for Tulsa Ballet. We took some of these shots from a ladder to get the right angle.

Taming of the Shrew

An amazing production, full of fire and wit. Very few companies are allowed to perform this ballet. Complex choreography, dangerous stunts, and a demanding cast of characters require a world-class company to perform. Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring this to Tulsa!

Founders’ Society

Artistic director Marcello Angelini talks with key members of the Founders’ Society, with dancers rehearsing in the background. Inspiring stories from true patrons of the arts in Tulsa, who keep our dancers on their toes.

05 Dec

Funny Payroll Video

You know, you wouldn’t think a commercial about a payroll company would be exciting. Or at least, that’s what WE thought…

But then we got to shoot a video for Southwestern Payroll, our payroll company.

Southwestern Payroll has handled our payroll for 5 years. They’re amazing at what they do, but much to our delight, we recently discovered that they’re hilariously awesome on film!

The SWPay crew was a ton of fun to work with on every set. They brought creativity and energy to the shoot, and passion for their company and clients shone through in every shot.

We hope you have as much fun watching their video as we did making it.

Video Trivia

Question 1: Can you spot the Dr. Who fan?

Question 2: Which star makes the best chili?

Question 3: How many ties does Darin actually own?

Question 4: How long can Ty spin a basketball?

Want a funny video for your company?

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20 Aug

What to Wear for Video Shoots

What Will Show on Camera?

For interview or documentary-style shots, what you wear below the waist isn’t as important, since it won’t get as much time on screen.

Now, if you’re doing action shots, full-body shots, or aerials, you need to pay equal attention to what you wear on top and on bottom. Try out your moves in front of a mirror first. See how the clothing reacts to your movement.

Give Yourself Options

Bring three different tops you like. You definitely want to have easy options in case one of your tops doesn’t work. Choose a variety of colors in case you end up shooting against different backgrounds.

The most important thing for video shoots: avoiding clothing the camera doesn’t like.

What Not to Wear

When considering clothing for a video shoot, there are a few things you want to avoid at all costs:

Patterns to Avoid

  • Herringbone
  • Paisley prints
  • Thin stripes
  • Ribbed sweaters

All these patterns will create weird vibrating rainbow patters that can’t be fixed in post.


Colors to Avoid

  • White
  • Red
  • Black

These colors tend to glow or disappear on camera, transforming your figure in strange ways. You’re better off avoiding them.

Other Things to Avoid

Hats. Hats create shadows on your face and eyes. So unless it’s an important prop, don’t bring one.

Shiny fabrics. Unless this is a nightclub shoot, you want to avoid creating your own disco ball effect as the camera picks up shimmer and shine on your clothing.


Makeup Essentials

Intense or bright lighting on a shoot can make anyone sweat. Bring some loose powder to take the shine off.

Ready for your close-up?

Want to help your company or organization look great on video? We’d love to help!

Video can help your story come alive. Movement and music drive the message home with more staying power than any other medium.

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30 Jan

Event Promotion From Website to Event Posters

Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival called Aqua Vita.

They needed help with the design of a new website and assistance in promotional materials, including a poster and a video.

Aqua Vita's New Web Design for GTIAF
Aqua Vita’s New Web Design for GTIAF

Fundraising teams had already headed out and were rapidly gaining attention for their cause, but we needed to stay under budget. Not only that, but the artists, sponsors, and festival schedule were constantly changing as we worked on the site.

Lightspeed adjustments had to be made as information shifted. Knowing the work had to be completed quickly and efficiently, we focused on some of their finest artists and most attractive venues.

Their old website displayed insufficient information to be useful, and was woefully out of date.

GTIAF Old Website
Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival Old Website

Advertisement for the occasion of their 28th Festival proved the best way to quickly gain more attention on the best part of the festival – the beauty of the culture and the love of family.

We designed the event poster, showcasing the piece below,”Two Sisters” by Brent Learned, 2014 Featured Artist for the Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival.

GTIAF Event Poster
GTIAF Event Poster

Another key component was updating their event video with a new voiceover and correct dates. (See the finished video below.)Today we celebrate with them as they begin their 28th Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival honoring the Spirit of the American Indian.

As it was intended, the celebration is one of Native American culture complete with an art market, traditional storytelling and music and authentic American Indian food.

Those who attend will also discover student art, cultural demonstrations, dancing, and poetry.

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