02 Feb

How to Embed Responsive Videos from Vimeo & YouTube

Need help embedding a video that works on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices?

Here’s one of the tools we use: EmbedResponsively.com for video.

Why is this tool the cat’s pajamas?

Here are a few reasons why you should use Embed Responsively:

  • Have confidence at conferences or networking events when people check your website on their mobile phones.
  • Share your video with your fans on the big screen without breaking the site.
  • Leave a good impression with visitors surfing your site on their iPad in between meetings or soccer practice.

Does it work with WordPress?

Yes! Embed Responsively works extremely well with WordPress websites, making it easy for anyone to get in the action and look their best. So buy Jeff Hobbs a beer. He does great work.

Need a little help from a friend?

Give us a call at (918) 518-5907 or contact us. Together, we can figure out a brilliant solution.

27 Feb

Social Media Explained

Sometimes, social media can seem a little confusing.

Sure, you have the big guys, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, that everybody knows. But what about the new ones that everybody seems to suddenly be talking about, like Foursquare or Pinterest? Where do those fit in?

Well, Douglas Wray posted this picture over at Instagram, which explains social media with donuts.

Yes, this sums it up nicely.

Social Media Explained