Strong. Uplifting. Excellence.

These are some of the words the pastor of First Baptist Church of Los Lunas used in describing what story he wanted the new logo to tell. He needed something that could tell the story of Christ as well as mean something to the community. We spent hours talking and learning about the direction the church is headed and the community surrounding it.

FLL - Full LogoPNG
Why a new logo? Why does the old one no longer work? What impact should it have on the community around you?

After Q&A’s spanning several meetings, we sketched out a few concepts and decided to try one out digitally.


The result of our intense conversations was this glorious logo.

Not only does the client like it, but he’s had many people use it to explain how the church is built to reflect the light of Christ to the world around them.

After only minor tweaks to the wording and placement, we produced a horizontal version, a reversed usage version and a style guide to be used in ministries throughout the church.

fll_business_cards_bcampanella-PNGSince first introducing the logo to the church they’ve applied it to mugs and pens, the church van, all their publications and signs.

They’ve created banners they’ve used at local events (like the recent Chile Festival in New Mexico), and even now on an old communion table brought back to life.

The church members hand the card out with a handsome tip when they visit local restaurants and send people to their Facebook page to see the upcoming events. In all, it works for them in every facet of their ministries. Why? Because we took the time to really listen.

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