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Risky Times

The risk of cyberattacks is growing at an increasing pace. Here are 5 tips to increase your internet security.

Antivirus: Your First Line of Defense

Similar to our Website Security Basics article, adding an antivirus to your device is an incredibly powerful investment, and should always be the first thing you do when purchasing your newest computer or touchscreen.

For a small price, you actively protect your computer from attacks that would otherwise brick your device; or even worse — steal your information and hold it for ransom (learn more on ransomware, here).

So, when first purchasing a new device, or if you want to actively protect an older device, purchase an antivirus for your computer.

Here are a few of the best out there.

VPN: Cover Your Tracks

VPNs are becoming wildly popular in the tech world, and for good reason.

  • They cover your tracks while surfing the web, allow you to use free wifi without all the risk.
  • They help you circumvent a country’s firewalls that may be restricting you from researching certain things/ideas.
  • They help prevent governmental agencies from snooping around your browsing activities.

If you haven’t already gotten a VPN on your computer, here are some quality ones to consider:

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Passwords: The Keys to Your Information

Passwords are the key to the vault of your personal information. Every site, every account, every login is important to your security.

So, what if you only used one key for all of this valuable information and someone stole that key. Now they have all of your information… all of it.

Use different passwords for every account or website you access. This greatly reduces the damage that a potential hack can bring.

According to Cnet, here some of the top-rated password managers on the market:


Emails: The Personal Address of Your Information

An email tells a company or entity where to send their information to you. And, let’s face it, sometimes your inbox is filled to the brim with hundreds or thousands of emails!

So, use a different email for different purposes. One email can be used for fun websites. Another email may be used for shopping, and another email may be used for highly sensitive material. Whatever the case, using specialized emails with different purposes will save you a lot of heartaches while browsing the web.


Ad Blockers: Stopping the Attacks Before They Happen

Ads aren’t any fun — especially the pop-up variety. So stop them in their tracks with an Adblocker.

Ad blockers go into the source code of a website while it is loading, and checks names and domains against a massive blacklist.

If a name brings up a positive match, it blocks it entirely.

Most adblockers even have the ability for you to manually block an annoying ad!

I personally use an Adblocker, and it has saved me a lot of heartaches while browsing the web.

So,  here are some top-rated ad blockers for you to consider:


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