And This Time, We Meme it!

by | Jan 29, 2021

Consistency brings power to any technique or action – including social media.

Being consistent on social media proves two things to your prospective audience: You’re reliable. You’re a leader.

Now that might seem a bit overstated, but it’s more accurate than you think. Consider this: People who show up to work, volunteer, or even entertain every day are almost always stable, strong, and self-disciplined enough to accomplish what they set out to do.

That being said, those characteristics are not necessarily inherent in social media personalities – rather they appear to be. It’s all about perception. But to an audience on social media platforms – perception is reality.

A New Hobby

Confession: I am not naturally a consistent person in the strictest sense of the word. New ideas are my siren song, and every day finds me chasing new things to learn and new people to engage.

But in the world of marketing that can only get you so far, so I decided to make a conscious effort to focus on one platform for my own personal hobby each day and every day to see what results I would get. 

Worst confession: my hobby in this case was making silly memes on a platform called iFunny.

In early 2019, I discovered an app called “iFunny” which consists of daily memes and goofy content that is uploaded by its users.

Now on this app, you have the ability to get your meme or video, “featured.” (Being featured means the editors of the app hand-selected your content to be shown to the entire user base.)

Being featured is a BIG DEAL. Not only is it rare, but also can greatly boost the rate at which users subscribe to your channel, and it will SKYROCKET your page “smiles” (essentially page likes, but for your content).

Reading and Learning

I had been on the app for some 400 days, and Jon decided it was time the team read the “Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy.

I thought the ideas proposed in the book were amazing!  So to test the theory in the Compound Effect, I started to post to my account daily – things I found on Facebook, or the internet in general – but posted daily.

That got my page to some 1.2k smiles… not shabby, but not its fullest potential. I then decided to reach out to the large pages (total page smiles in the millions) and asked for their advice on what I could do to get the most out of this page I was cultivating.

Here is what I learned from them: 

  • Research your audience

Who is actually using this app, and what do they like?

  • Appeal to your personal audience with specialized content

Find out what those that like your page are looking for in content. 

  • Build relationships with your audience, and speak with them one-to-one when possible.

In doing this, you are creating trust that lasts, and in trusting you, your audience will help advertise your page for you.

  • Be Original

Don’t be like everyone else. Set yourself apart, and your base will find you.

The Outcome

I applied this daily. I spoke with those that commented, I cultivated the right content for my base, I continued my research of the app users, and what their overall taste in comedy is/was, and continued to be consistent with my posting of content, and media.

Long story short: I took my journey in the meme world seriously around the end of November 2020. I had been on the app for 415 days and only got 1.2k page smiles.

After following the steps in the Compound Effect, as of February, I have reached seven million page smiles!

All because I took the time daily to be intentional with making steps towards a long term goal.

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