10 years as a marketing company

Ten years ago, when all hell was breaking loose in the economy, our team was volunteering their time to do the branding and marketing necessary to raise money for a non-profit called Engineers in Action.

Engineers in Action had a plan to raise money for the necessary wells and infrastructure to provide clean water and sanitation for over 2,000 families in Bolivia, where 1 in 5 children were dying before the age of five.

After a few months of work, our work generated enough in donations to fully fund that project, and more. After achieving our goal, David Stephenson, the missionary responsible for raising the funds and organizing the project, took us aside and told us something we’d never forget:

In Bolivia – where water is scarce in the mountains – they have an expression: ‘Where there’s water, there’s life.’ It’s said like this: ‘Agua Vida.’

That moment of realization lit a fire inside each of us. We started to ask ourselves questions like:

“What if we only worked with awesome, ethical organizations like this one. And only with people who are making an impact for good in the world. Wouldn’t that be awesome? What would we call such a venture?”

The answer became clear as the water now giving life to the people of Bolivia. Aqua Vita Creative was born of that moment of inspiration, and our mission remains the same today: to be the Water of Life to those extraordinary people and businesses we choose to work with.

Ten years later, we still carefully select the best people, products and organizations to represent and have served hundreds of businesses in countries all around the world. Aqua Vita Creative continues to function debt-free, and we maintain a perfect record in our reviews and BBB listings.

Thank you to our team, our clients, our partners, and everyone else who has made this an incredible journey.

Here’s to the next 10 years!