Loneliness. Despair. Hoping for rescue.

Even as we videoed this scene of the dancers rehearsing we could see those inner longings in the dancers as they moved across the space. It’s enough to bring you to tears if you’re really watching…listening. Emotional turbulence battles against hope in their movements – echoing the strains of the music in exquisite agony.

Choreographing for the Tulsa Ballet

Ma Cong of the Tulsa Ballet choreographed the performance as he listened to these haunting melodies, but on a TV screen before him he watched a news story. Utter  devastation had left those caught in an earthquake without hope. His heart moved him to tell their story through dance – the ballet embodying all the movements of pain, loss, and ragged hope.

Art Offers Emotional Release

How many times have you wished you could express your emotions in such a physical way during this time of COVID?  Human stories burst with feeling, life, death, and longing. The arts bring for us some release. Take a moment to shut out the world and watch these powerful dancers tell the story of an earthquake from years past – and maybe tell your own story of loss and hope during the pandemic of 2020.