Soccer players have Adidas. Tennis players have Lacrosse. BMX has Fox. But the poker community has never truly had gear of their own.

That’s where RunGoodGear comes in. They’re giving the poker community a visible symbol of their tribe, something to rally around.

The AV team went all in for this project, branding the company from the ground up. We created the logo, designed the apparel, and built the ecommerce website for RunGoodGear.

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Create trendy, youthful gear for poker players transitioning from online play into live games at home and in the casino. Something they can brag to their friends about, with an indie approach along the lines of Skull Candy.

The gear is showcased on a clean, social media friendly ecommerce site. We worked their Twitter feed on the front page, and added social sharing icons throughout the site.

Custom clothing ecommerce design

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We built a website powered by the Magento ecommerce platform (www.magentocommerce.com). This lets RunGoodGear add and update products, create categories, update page content, and keep an eye on sales data.

The website includes a built-in news section so they can tantalize their adoring public with the latest news from the poker circuit, or guest articles from rising poker stars. They can also add pictures, galleries and videos from the events.

While we were developing the site, we created a “Coming Soon” page with the Run Good Gear logo and a live Twitter feed to help build buzz and let people bookmark the site.

Lastly, we integrated Google Analytics into the website, allowing us to track the number of hits we’re getting to the website, the geographic location of each visitor, what pages they visited, and their favorite color— well, not their favorite color. Maybe next year.
Custom clothing ecommerce design

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Apparel Designs

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Client“Awesome! We’re definitely loving your work.”

“Just wanted everyone to know that this project is really coming together and we already have some buzz in the Poker community.”

“Have some all-star players vying to represent RunGoodGear.com. Got a team to rep us for the second biggest tournament during the series. So be sure to set your DVRs to ESPN!”

“Thanks everyone!”

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