AV Marketing Hook Nation

 The Hook Nation Design

That’s why we love representing these hard-working Americans who put their lives on the line to keep America working. Our design features the hooks they wear to climb 40 foot + wooden poles with nothing but a belt around their waist and these hooks on their boots.

Designing to the CultureHistoric Lineman Photo

Lineman have built a culture around power line work, which ranks in the top 5 dangerous jobs around the world. Their character, courage, ability, and strength bolster a strong work ethic, an awareness of their own mortality, and their egos. So this first t-shirt design reflects that culture in the skull and the cross bones effect using their climbing hooks.

The Bevins Bolt

The bolt on the forehead is the powerful logo of Bevins Co., our awesome client and third generation to develop and manufacture tools and technology that keep these guys safe and efficient on the line. Bottom line here: #HookNation keeps the lights on, and we’re proud to be a part of supporting the men and women of the line crew.