Recruitment Website Project –

by | Nov 18, 2020

In early 2020, we successfully launched a complete revamp of, the online home of Emergency Medical Services Authority, Oklahoma’s largest provider of pre-hospital emergency medical care. Later that year, they came to us again with a new project: a recruitment website aimed at helping them find paramedics, dispatchers, and EMTs.

With a new series of ads and other external recruiting efforts coming down the pipe, the new website would provide a central point to drive potential new hires to answer their questions, allow them to contact EMSA recruitment heads, give them more information about both EMSA and living in Oklahoma, and encourage them to apply online.

We immediately dove into the project.

Design – Look and Feel

While the client wanted the website to look like it belonged to, they also wanted the site to be a little more sober and serious. The site they used for comparison was, the recruitment site for the Tulsa Police Department.

To that end, we used navy as our major accent color, instead of red as it is on the main EMSA site. We also went out for a photo shoot in order to get pictures of the current EMSA EMTs and paramedics in more serious situations, as they’re likely to be in their day-to-day jobs.


As with most of our websites, we used Divi to give us a lot of front-end control over how the website is built. Front-end builders also make it much easier to transfer the site to the client and give them full access to edit whatever they want without having to mess with code.

Plus, since we used Divi on the main EMSA site, the client was already familiar with how the technology functioned.

With the pandemic still in full swing, EMSA had pivoted to doing virtual interviews for potential new hires, so we also set up a virtual interview request that would go directly to the head of recruiting for either the Eastern Division or the Western Division, depending on which option the user selected when submitting the form.

We also added a notification bar to the top of the site that the client can update as they need, ensuring that the most important information is always available as soon as user lands on the website.

End Result

The recruiting website,, was exactly what our client was looking for.