How do I use Social Media for my business?”

We talked about this with local business owners at the Bixby Chamber Lunch & Learn this Friday.

Big thanks to everyone who came out to see us!
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Obviously you can’t cover everything in one hour. So we’ve gathered the Presentation Slides, Facebook Resources, Time Saving Social Media Tools, & LinkedIn Tutorials here for you to get started using Facebook and LinkedIn for your business.

Have questions? Give us a call anytime: 918.518.6576. Email works too. Have a favorite Social Media Tool you’d like to add? Let us know!


Using Aqua Vita for Business: Bixby Chamber – Social Media Presentation

Using social media for business


Disclaimer: Facebook changes things. All. The. Time. They are probably changing things right now. If any of these break, just let me know and I will update!

Learn 4 main ways to use Facebook for business: Facebook Business Basics

See how other businesses use Facebook: Facebook Business Case Studies

Build your business on Facebook: PDF: Using Facebook for Business

Build your business on Facebook Part 2: PDF: Build-Your-Business-on-Facebook


How to set up a Facebook page: Facebook Page Step by Step

Ready to set up your page? START HERE

Understanding Facebook Stats: Facebook Insights


How to import emails and invite fans: Build Your Fans with Email

Ready to advertise on Facebook? START HERE


How to promote your Facebook Page on your Website: Like Box | Like Button

How to add social icons to your website: AddThis Social Icons


How to add a custom tab to your page: Developer Notes to Create Tabs

LinkedIn Resources

Building Your Network: How to import your address book. How To get connected on LinkedIn.

Looking Good: How to edit your profile.

Making Your Company Look Good: Requirements to add/edit company information. How to add a company page.

Social Media Tools

Careful scheduling lets you plan your social media message in advance.

Hootsuite: One of the best scheduling tools for social media. Works with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, and more.

Tweetdeck: Great tool for scheduling, managing a large contact list, and joining Twitter #conversations

Sprout Social: Scheduling tool with great tracking tools to help you build your strategy.

Buffer: Drop messages in, and it automatically suggests best open times based on your follower list. Only works with Twitter right now.