Web Atoms: The Online World’s Strongest Element

by | Nov 4, 2021

Web Atoms: The Online World’s Strongest Element

When it comes to best design practices, creating an atoms document using the atomic design framework is a professional way to keep your designs consistent for future work your client might want done on their website.

What Are Website Atoms?

First things first: what is a web atom?

The methodology of web atoms was elaborated by Brad Frost in his book Atomic Design. In this book, Frost illustrates the importance of creating design systems in which 5 best practices are highlighted for web design.

Here, we’ll be focusing on element number one: web atoms. You can think of them like design templates built to show an individual how the layout of a website should be. Things like headings, colors, fonts and the like. 

What Should I Include in Website Atoms?

As we all know, atoms are the building blocks of matter in existence. Likewise, in reference to web design, web atoms are made up of all the basic digital elements like HTML tags, form labels, inputs, and even buttons.

Web atoms can also be more abstract. Things like color, font, interface animations, and other visual elements are also considered to be atoms in the atomic design family.

“Like atoms in nature they’re fairly abstract and often not terribly useful on their own. However, they’re good as a reference in the context of a pattern library as you can see all your global styles laid out at a glance.” – Brad Frost, Atomic Web Design

EMSA Web Atoms Page Example

Why Should I Make Website Atoms? 

So, how is knowing this beneficial to you?

Creating web atoms for your team or your clients provides a clear path for them to walk. Our job as designers is to create systems that our people can use seamlessly in addition to being beautiful. Giving a client a website is great, but teaching them how to manage it, if only in the most basic way, builds loyalty and value. 

“Everything related to design needs to align with the audience you’re trying to reach. So aesthetics need to be appropriate, the messaging needs to be on point to make marketing effective. Both need to be done well. Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute.”– Von Glitschka, Glitschka Studios

So, the next time you’re finishing up a website, try creating a couple web atoms. You’ll be surprised how much your people will appreciate the gesture.

Hope Testing Web Atoms Page Example

Want to Know More? 

If you’re looking for more design tips and best practices, read up on the latest projects we’re doing at Aqua Vita! We’ll show you more creative ways to interact with your clients, your team, and your business.