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by | Jun 1, 2012

Tulsa Oratorio Chorus

“I said hallelujah, to the sixteen loyal fans-za!”

Sorry, I’m listening to the Low Fidelity All Stars as I write this. It seemed appropriate, as Tulsa Oratorio Chorus includes “Hallelujah” in their repertoire of music.


Music. It lifts the soul, doesn’t it? There’s not a member of our team who hasn’t been deeply affected by this most sacred of arts.

When we found out we were the lucky team selected to craft the new brand and website for Tulsa Oratorio Chorus, we were ecstatic. What could be better than finding the best way to share the gift of music with the world?


Tulsa Oratorio Chorus has a loyal core of fans, but they wanted to reach out to the younger crowd to expand and diversify their fan base.

Our solution was to design a bright, colorful, energetic brand: something people would want to pick up and play with, so to speak.

For the website, we crafted a clean, simple user interface. Our goal was to make it easy for visitors to listen to music, buy tickets and check on show times.


Home page

website design Tulsa chorus

Listen to the Chorus

website design Tulsa chorus

Concerts & Events page

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About page

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Blog page

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Tulsa Oratorio Chorus


Allstars, L. F. (Performer). (1998). Battle Flag.