Gutenberg: It’s Here

WordPress just dropped a new update. And it brings a whole bunch of changes.

This new update replaces the current text editor with the Gutenberg editor, which completely alters its appearance. To keep the old interface, you’ll need to install a plugin to re-enable the classic text editor (find it here!).

Basically, Gutenberg will make editing somewhat easier and more user-friendly by using a block system that gives more functionality to visual editing. And the new Twenty-Nineteen theme has more options and a cleaner design than the previous themes.

Users must manually update WordPress sites to 5.0. Because it’s a major update, it may break some plugins and themes, particularly plugins that integrate with the classic editor in some way.

To keep your site from breaking, be diligent about backing up both your website files and database before updating anything.

For a quick beginner’s guide to Gutenberg, check out WP Beginner’s post: “What’s New in WordPress 5.0.”

Your PHP Will Need Updating, Too

PHP 5.6 and 7.0 will no longer be supported at the end of this month. recommends updating to PHP 7.2 or greater. See here for more details!

While WordPress will still work on legacy versions of PHP, those versions will not receive security updates, which could leave your site vulnerable.

To see what version of PHP your site has, contact your website hosting provider. You might be able to upgrade it manually, but if not, they may be able to upgrade it for you.

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