Should You Use AI to Grow Your Business?

by | Mar 20, 2024

Should You Use AI

You just can’t get away from the buzz about Artificial Intelligence these days.

It’s a hot topic, and a polarizing one. Here’s our stance on AI:

AI is not a replacement for human creativity.

Even though AI can do some pretty incredible things, the machine learning models that generate text and images (e.g. ChatGPT, Midjourney, etc.) are poor, pale substitutes for the breadth and depth of human creativity. True human creativity is necessary for creating stories and art that resonate with people. We view using generative models for those tasks the same way we view 3D-printed meat. (Not favorably. We like our steak from cows, thank you very much.)

We do not and will not outsource strategy and project completion to AI.

We believe humans know what other humans need and want better than a computer. As AI advances, we will use it with care, as we use other tools.

Computers are incredible tools. But the tool is only as good as the mind and the hand that wields it.

We do not outsource our writing or artwork to AI.

AI’s only source of art or text is the work of other writers, designers, content creators and artists, most of which was scraped without permission. Generated information and citations can be spotty, inaccurate, or made up entirely. [source] [source 2] [source 3]

Plus, the environmental costs for the current generative models are steep and getting steeper. As a company that got its start supporting a nonprofit bringing potable water to rural areas in Bolivia, we’re not thrilled with watching valuable water get sucked up by these machines when so many people in the same areas need the water to live.

At the moment, we have not found a way to ensure the available AI engines use only source material we provide. Hopefully the technology will improve in the future. But right now, we feel it’s unethical and lazy to let AI replace the work of good old human journalism and design.

We’re responsible for shooting our own videos, writing our own copy, and designing our own artwork. We know exactly where it came from and can ensure that it meets our ethical standards.

AI can analyze a lot of information and do unpleasant grunt work very quickly.

For example, AI does a good job of creating rough transcripts from videos we shoot. We then edit and convert those transcripts into content for articles, pages and social posts.

All of our fact-checking, and re-writing of those transcripts is done by human hands.

The Take-Away

When you work with Aqua Vita, you can be assured that all of your content and design  is created and proofed by human beings.

If we use AI tools for your project, it will be in rote tasks, such as video transcript creation or data analysis.

Even when we use AI for those tasks, a real human being will use that transcript text to write your copy., and a real human being will review the data and check it for errors, and make their own judgments on what that data means for you.

We feel that it’s better for the human mind, heart and soul that Aqua Vita’s content and design remains organic. If you want to keep your business going strong, making real connections with your customers, the human element will always be best.

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