Creating Custom Vending Machine Tech for HOPE Testing

by | Apr 5, 2023

Quite often, we get the opportunity to develop new, custom technologies for clients, and those custom technologies end up becoming mainstream later on.

One of the custom technologies we recently worked on was for HOPE Testing, a medical testing client. They have free public health vending machines that distribute medical testing kits.

How It Works

A person walks into the clinic and enters their registration information into an iPad kiosk. Once they’ve registered, that information gets transmitted via a custom API over to a database, and the person receives a PIN. They can then type the PIN into the vending machine, and it drops the medical testing kit that they requested.

With this data, HOPE Testing is able to track how many people have registered and which medical tests are being requested. This allows the client to be specific on grant reports, and also helps them serve their target demographics anonymously.

Going Mainstream

This custom technology is now being picked up by other medical companies across the country. One of them – a medical testing company in California – contacted us as a result of this project. They had previously talked to a vending machine company and explained what they were trying to do, and the vending machine company said, “I don’t know how Aqua Vita did what they did, but it’s incredible, and you should talk to them.”

Connecting a website to a vending machine is not something that we’d done before, and we’re really proud of it. It’s always fun creating new, weird technology and putting it out into the world.

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