Does My Business Need a Website?
If any of the following are true about you or the organization you run, you probably need a website:

You want 100% ownership of your brand online.

Owning your own website is no different than owning your own office building. It’s a space on the web where you’ve staked your claim.

When it’s done well, a good website is like a 24/7 salesman who’s never late, always looks sharp, and is ready to win customers for you.

Articles and landing pages that you publish on your website will continue to serve you over time as they get indexed by search engines and shared around.

Your website should be an extension of your brand and an asset on your balance sheet.

You run ad campaigns to promote your product.

One of the most powerful selling techniques I’ve seen is to create an awesome landing page on your website that ties into Google Ads campaigns or social media advertising.

The purpose of a landing page is to catch that advertising traffic, show them how awesome you are, build trust, and convert them into a customer.

A good landing page on your website might include the following elements:

  • A phone number, prominently displayed, and clickable for mobile visitors.
  • An explainer video or pictures that show off the products you’re trying to sell.
  • Social proof that you’re legit: Testimonials from satisfied customers, years you’ve been in business, number of customers served, awards won, etc.
  • Where you do business.
  • Headlines and bullet points that clearly match the keywords, products, or services that your ad campaign is targeting. This means using different landing pages for different campaigns.
  • Absolutely no navigation anywhere on the page. The only action people should be able to take on the landing page is the one you want them to, whether that’s making a call or filling out a form or clicking a “subscribe” link.
  • A very clear call-to-action. The button you want people to click or the form you want them to fill out should be very obvious, and they shouldn’t have to hunt for it.
Tulsa Budget Movers landing page

A service landing page design for Tulsa Budget Movers which tied in to a Google Ads campaign that we manage.

You publish articles or resources to better serve your customers.

I’ve heard it said that the ability to make a sale with the written word is the pinnacle of selling, and I’ve certainly found that to be true myself.

Writing articles or publishing resources on a subject you’re knowledgeable in has numerous benefits:

  • It shows potential customers that you’re knowledgeable in your vocation, which may steer them towards you when making a buying decision.
  • It can help you to rank in search engines for the topic you’re writing on.
  • In time, it can form a collection that may be sold as a work of its own.
  • Articles can link back to landing pages to support search marketing and ad campaigns.
Gold Standard Honey articles

Gold Standard Honey uses their website’s blog to educate consumers on the contents, quality, and health benefits of honey.

You sell products through an online store.

We’ve worked with clients who sell everything from bottles of honey and opera tickets to magazine subscriptions and e-book downloads.

When you build your own store, you get all of the benefits of a brand website, plus a direct revenue stream through selling.

Ad campaigns can also be pointed to a specific product that you’d like to sell in your store, and tracking technologies today can make this an extremely cost-effective way of selling.

Nature Friend Magazine store

Nature Friend Magazine sells products and magazine subscriptions through their website’s e-commerce store.

You host private content, like member directories, board minutes, etc.

We work with corporations and nonprofits who want to centralize important information for their key stakeholders, in an easy-to-remember but password-protected place.

This can be as simple as creating private, password-protected pages that are hidden from search engines, or as complex as building a paid member site with unique content hidden behind a paywall.

Need help building your next awesome, branded website?

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