For the first few decades of the Internet, most people accessed the web through their desktop computers.

Designing a decent website was comparatively simple: You built your website to be 800 to 1,000 pixels wide and you designed your content to look good in that format.

Boom. Done.

A beautiful website on a laptop computer

Then came smartphones and tablets. Bum-bum-BUUUUM!

Suddenly, people started accessing the web on devices with an average width between 300 to 400 pixels. Our gorgeous, sexy, well-organized desktop format designs were chopped in half! NOOOOO!

What’s an edgy website designer to do? If we build the site to look good on a small mobile phone, it’ll look dinky on a desktop.

On the other hand, if we build a HUGE website design and shrink it down for mobile, you’ll be stricken with microscopic text and weirdly-cropped, huge images…which are also not fun to download if you have a small data plan on that smartphone.

Responsive design to the rescue!

What is responsive design?

The non-technical explanation: a skilled web designer creates layouts that automatically adjust to fit any screen that you’re on.

A website on both a laptop screen and a mobile phone

A WORLD-CLASS web designer will also take into account how your content needs to be organized. Highest priority actions are placed prominently and beautifully in each of those layout environments.

Why does responsive website design matter?

The goal of most websites is to direct end users to 3-5 different key actions, or perhaps to win trust and build reputation by offering useful content to your audience.

In both cases, trust is created by offering up a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website, laid out with the interests and needs of your customers—or your audience—in mind.

A website on a tablet

How does my site measure up to responsive design standards?

There are a few tests you can run on your website that will give you a picture of where you’re performing well, and where you may need to take steps to upgrade your website’s performance to be a rock star in today’s Internet of Things.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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