The Top 4 Best Tools for Securing Your Website

by | Feb 28, 2021

You can never protect yourself 100%. What you do is protect yourself as much as possible, and mitigate risk to an acceptable degree. You can never remove all risk. – Kevin Mitnick

You are vulnerable to attacks — in fact, to a degree, everyone is vulnerable. So, if even the top companies with the best paid security teams and all the most powerful tech in the business is open to being attacked, you definitely are.

What can you do about it?

Well, any level of security is a step in the right direction, so the first step should be to start adding levels of security to your website to deter potential attackers.

So, the security team here at Aqua Vita gathered some tried and true tools to get you started in then right direction.


Top 4 Tools for Securing Your Website (in no particular order)

1. Securi

Securi continues to be an industry leader in website security and malware detection. Securi also boasts a wide range of protection and support; from their “WAF Protection” (which protects your site from potential hacks and DDoS attacks), to their rapid incident response and their live site monitoring, and all for only $199.00 a year, the Securi service can not be overlooked when considering a security application for your site.

Pros: Easy to interpret, and comes with a free plugin for WordPress.

Cons: It lacks some of the detail you may find in other web-focused security software.

Customer Review:

“Sucuri Website Security gives complete security solutions for websites. It can protect your website from various attacks and malware. Daily analytics helps you monitor website performance.” Source


2. RapidSpike

RapidSpike is more than just a security application, they are a total website optimization service focusing on total reliability and performance improvement. However, their security is top-tier — RapidSpike’s security is dedicated to constant scanning of quite nearly every nook-and-cranny of your site. To top it off, RapidSpike stays up to date with the OWASP Top 10 (all the most recent and devastating website attacks and hack types), so you will always be ready against any recently developed attacks aimed at taking down your site.

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Pros: RapidSpike is easy to understand and navigate, and comes with terrific customer service.

Cons: Has been reported as being confusing to use initially.

Customer Review:

“Its really easy to use, straight forward and you’re able to tell with a simple glance that something is wrong when you need to.” Source


3. Qualys

Qualys is another terrific security focused platform, priding itself on rapid response and live incident monitoring. However, Qualys has two interesting features: 1. It is cloud based. 2. consistent compliance maintenance. Since it is cloud based, there is no need for a clunky install; and, for the compliance maintenance, this interesting feature ensures your website is ready for an audit, and that your site is in constant compliance with recent standards — making it a great choice for the busy business owner.

Pros: It offers powerful protection at a decent price.

Cons: As with the others, it can be difficult to navigate, and has been described as being “slow” at times.

Customer Review:

“Qualys is our main vulnerability management solution, it is responsible for scanning 200+ assets.” Source

Qualys offers a free trial here.


4. Imperva

Imperva is another powerful industry leader, with an impressive 600 million+  attacks blocked per day, and is trusted by many large and powerful companies needing an equally powerful security solution. Imperva continues to receive good marks and reports from various rating and review companies with a focus on site security.

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Pros: Imperva is a powerful application, and is used by many companies globally.

Cons: Has a higher price tag, and can be diifficult to navigate if you are new to security software soluutions.

Customer Review:

“Fast and very good support under attacks!” Source 

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