Why We Give Back

At Aqua Vita, we feel it’s important to take the time to give back to the community both intentionally and as opportunities arise to do something creative and benevolent.

The Golf Fore Food logo is something we designed for a charity event sponsored by local businesses. The Pro/Am golf event results in a large donation annually to a local food bank and the feeding of around 43,000 families this year.

The Process

Our branding process is unique to each charity. We focus on the who they are and what we have to offer them. Who are they? Whom do they help? What is the “Why?” unique to their charity? All the other aspects of the work fall into place when those questions are answered.

The Real Donation

In all, designing for a good cause often unifies our team more than anything else we do. Not because we’re donating our time and talents, but these designs give us the opportunity to remember why we do what we do.

I was once asked this question, “If you could manage it financially, would you do the job you’re doing for free?” If the answer to that is “Yes!” than you’re life is more rich than most. – Jonathan Cox, Creative Director

We adapt during this process in new ways, and thus, develop an additional sense of appreciation for those we are serving. It’s a fascinating (albeit occasionally frustrating) process that’s chock full of rewards on the back end.

The Best Part

When it goes right, it means that we get to empower an organization that will be a light in the world. And for Aqua Vita Creative – being a part of that is the best it can get.

Do you want to give more of your time, self, or money back to the community? Contact us for ways you can help!