Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival called Aqua Vita.

They needed help with the design of a new website and assistance in promotional materials, including a poster and a video.

Aqua Vita's New Web Design for GTIAF

Aqua Vita’s New Web Design for GTIAF

Fundraising teams had already headed out and were rapidly gaining attention for their cause, but we needed to stay under budget. Not only that, but the artists, sponsors, and festival schedule were constantly changing as we worked on the site.

Lightspeed adjustments had to be made as information shifted. Knowing the work had to be completed quickly and efficiently, we focused on some of their finest artists and most attractive venues.

Their old website displayed insufficient information to be useful, and was woefully out of date.

GTIAF Old Website

Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival Old Website

Advertisement for the occasion of their 28th Festival proved the best way to quickly gain more attention on the best part of the festival – the beauty of the culture and the love of family.

We designed the event poster, showcasing the piece below,”Two Sisters” by Brent Learned, 2014 Featured Artist for the Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival.

GTIAF Event Poster

GTIAF Event Poster

Another key component was updating their event video with a new voiceover and correct dates. (See the finished video below.)Today we celebrate with them as they begin their 28th Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival honoring the Spirit of the American Indian.

As it was intended, the celebration is one of Native American culture complete with an art market, traditional storytelling and music and authentic American Indian food.

Those who attend will also discover student art, cultural demonstrations, dancing, and poetry.

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