You know, you wouldn’t think a commercial about a payroll company would be exciting. Or at least, that’s what WE thought…

But then we got to shoot a video for Southwestern Payroll, our payroll company.

Southwestern Payroll has handled our payroll for 5 years. They’re amazing at what they do, but much to our delight, we recently discovered that they’re hilariously awesome on film!

The SWPay crew was a ton of fun to work with on every set. They brought creativity and energy to the shoot, and passion for their company and clients shone through in every shot.

We hope you have as much fun watching their video as we did making it.

Video Trivia

Question 1: Can you spot the Dr. Who fan?

Question 2: Which star makes the best chili?

Question 3: How many ties does Darin actually own?

Question 4: How long can Ty spin a basketball?

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