There are two ways to install fonts on your PC. (Well, there are probably more, but we’re going to talk about two.)

If you’ve only got one or two fonts to install, the absolute quickest way is to just click the “Install” button on the font.

Simply double-click on your .otf or .ttf file:


And then click on the “Install” button in the upper-left corner:


And you’re done!

Now, if you have more than a handful of font files to install (say, 10 or 20), opening each file and clicking the “Install” button can get a little tiresome. So, in that case, you can just drag and drop the font files into your Fonts folder.

First, go to the Control Panel on your Start menu.


Then, click on Appearance.


And Fonts.


Conversely, if you have the icon view in your Control Panel, you can just click on the Fonts folder directly:


Once the Fonts folder is open, just drag and drop your fonts from their folder into the Fonts folder!


To test that your fonts have installed, simply open Microsoft Word and look for your font on the “home” tab.

And that’s it!

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