Going the extra mile to educate your customer on your product hasn’t always been a trend. But we’ve seen what happens when a you take the time to do the right thing.

The Most Precious Commodities

When we met George Brining, we appreciated his country charm and his two deeply rooted loves: family and honey. That was before we discovered his astounding brilliance in the science behind what makes honey the newest trend in health and happiness.

For us, honesty, information, and beauty are three of our favorite values to infuse into our design. To George, and a growing number of others in communities all over the nation, it really is all about roots.

Where your honey comes from – and how directly it gets from the hive to your house – makes all the difference in the world. Listen to him tell you in his own words here:

And So It Grows

Because of his firm dedication to giving the public more knowledge about what they’re buying, George has seen substantial growth in his business. His buyers are now as loyal as he is to his honey.

Recently, his knowledge and articulation behind the value of producing local and organically preserved honey has earned him a place in the nation’s premiere magazine on the subject: Bee Culture Magazine


The bottom line: It pays to be truthful.

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