Merry Christmas! May you live long and prosper this season.


Popularized by George Takei on Facebook, this is the original “Make it So” song set to the music of “Let It Snow”

Composed of dialogue from Picard, Riker, La Forge, Worf, Troi, Data, Crusher. Even Wesley makes a brief appearance. (Listen for the “Shut up Wesley.”)

Star Trek: The Next Generation stands as one of the great science fiction shows of all time.

Data is Michelle Pierce’s favorite character.

Riker never pulls out a chair to sit down.

Need More Nerdy Christmas Cheer?

5. Whovians, pick up these shiny, timey-wimey ornaments.


4. Astronomers & star-gazers, trim your tree with hand-blown glass planet


3. Firefly fans, warm up this Christmas with Jayne’s Hat. Let them know you’re not afraid of anything.


2. Deck the halls with 3D Superhero Wall Lights featuring Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, and Thor. (Stickers with wall-crack pattern included!)


1. Let visions of Jedi knights dance in their heads with a TaunTaun sleeping bag.

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