The Value of Looking Back

Each month we draft an overview of the results from our marketing efforts on our client’s behalf. And while brand marketing requires patience and consistency, if we’re direct marketing to an audience, the results can be simply fascinating.

We love working with the Tulsa Opera, and watching their YouTube analytics show a rising trend has been rewarding – to say the least – after a quick remaking of their company directing after the sweeping crush brought to all stage performers at the onset of the pandemic.

The Costume Change of a Lifetime

With the brilliant shift to using homemade videos by locked-at-home artists for their YouTube channel (in an effort cleverly titled “Staying Alive”), the YouTube traffic flow for Tulsa Opera has been staggering. Here is a snippet from our recent report to put a visual to our appreciation for this beautiful change of direction to meet the needs of the lonely masses in need of hope.

YouTube Traffic Overview

YouTube Stats Summary for January
Top Video: Tulsa Opera’s Baseball Rigoletto: Full Performance
38,700 impressions (we showed up in their feed)
160.4 hours of video watch time
5,000 unique viewers
32 new subscribers