Support the Arts

Since 1976, the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center, or CTHC, has been bringing quality art programs to the community. Their mission is simple: “Celebrate and perpetuate the history, art and culture of the Chisholm Trail, the American Cowboy and the American West.”

When they called us to design a website for them we were thrilled. As fans of history, art, and culture ourselves, it pleases us greatly to work with CTHC along with the Tulsa Opera, the Tulsa Ballet, and many others through the years.

What They Need Most

Two things these organizations have in common are volunteers and financial contributions. As a non-profit, the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center relies on the donations of good people who support their endeavors to do the work they accomplish in their community and beyond.

With that in mind, last week we decided to heed the sage advice of Jim Rohn, “Always do more than what you get paid for, and you’ll never run out of work. Because people love to get a great deal.”

It’s About the People

We saw a need for some new images on their site and in their marketing, so we drove 3+ hours to the Chisholm Trail, shot some boss video and photography of their beautiful place and promptly donated the work we did and the time it took us.

In the end, it’s not about us – it’s about the people we give ourselves to. And frankly, it was so worth it.