The Jon Talks Podcast
The Jon Talks Podcast
5. Keep Score, Win More: A Review of 4DX, Pt 3

Jon and Jess guide us through tracking data with a scoreboard to bring accountability to the table and keep lead measures top of mind for the whole team.

Use a Team Scoreboard Everyone Can Track

Tracking data with a scoreboard just works. It provides accountability, lead measure organization, and communication with the team to guide everyone to track success. This simple method instantly drives workflow and – if you do it the right way – can lead to more success in business. In fact, you can even apply this to your personal life.

Guest Appearances by Jamie and Cindi

Our copywriter Jamie, and social media manager Cindi join in to testify to the significant change brought by the team shift to using a team scoreboard. As they point out, sometimes, you just need to know someone is watching. And having lead measures (two things you must complete by a set time and day) on a public board is just the thing you need to grow to the next level.

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Comments From Our Team!

Caleb, Graphic Design

It’s helped me keep my focus on what’s going to further our company goals.

Michelle, Project Manager

Keeping a scoreboard has really helped me keep lead measures top of mind through the whirlwind. As I’m sure everyone knows it’s hard not to get sucked into the urgent things that come up everyday. And then the end of the week rolls around and you completely forgot to do your lead measures. The scoreboard keeps those in front of you so you can remember to make time for them.