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2. Come Hell or High Water, Playing the Long Game

Our journey began in a tiny village in Bolivia…

Twelve years ago, clean, life-giving water poured into a small village in Bolivia through the work of Engineers in Action. But their work was funded by our efforts as a tiny marketing team looking for our place in the world.

Inspired by the success of our service, we dubbed ourselves “Aqua Vita” – from the Latin for “water of life.”

From there, we gathered the rest of our team of marketing and business development specialists and built ourselves up through education, hard work, and joy-filled moments.

Getting the right people on the bus is only one step toward greatness.

Since 2009, well over 200 companies have worked with us – great people bringing good things to the world around them.

That’s not to say it’s always been easy. Things like election years (when no one wants to spend money on marketing), a global pandemic (yeah, we didn’t see that one coming), and the ensuing drastic changes to the global economy and technology developments can crush a business.

But we’re still here, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Since our inception, Jon has built our company on a solid foundation, a strategy that includes staying debt-free, staying educated as a team, and practicing the highest level of ethics in all our dealings.

We’re not doctors, but we’re here to help.

As we continue to adapt to the challenges around us, we’d like to share what we know it takes to maintain growth, survive global changes, and endure the harrowing moments, all while staying out of debt and keeping your sense of humor and your sanity.

Join us in learning as Jon talks!