The Jon Talks Podcast
The Jon Talks Podcast
10. What To Do When You're Going Through Hell

How to endure difficult times; when you’re going through hell, keep going; tips to break yourself out of a funk; showing up, even on bad days;  “Endure”; having fun vs. creating amazing stories through difficulty; tough times resulting in growth; choosing between positive and negative responses; “The Compound Effect”; creating/maintaining momentum; positive relationships; daily routines; taking time to rest/rejuvenate; don’t superglue yourself to countertops; find what rejuvenates you; “Man’s Search for Meaning”; rejecting false hope and maintaining a positive outlook; finding meaning in the hard moments; how to recognize and cure mental, physical, spiritual exhaustion; faith as an anchor; recession marketing parallels; volunteering; trim the fat; reading good books; “Profit First”, “Pumpkin Plan”, “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy”, “Clipper Ship Strategy.”

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General Tips:
Support your body with exercise, and nutrition.
Surround yourself with positive relationships,  friends, and family.
Get outside / change location & perspective.
Show up. Do what you can. Take tiny steps to maintain/build positive momentum.
Take time to rest & rejuvenate.
Choose positive responses.
Don’t expect things to get better overnight.
Believe things will get better in the long run.
Look past today’s pain. Think about how this has meaning as part of in your life story.
Cut unnecessary things (financial & time commitments).
Feed your mind with excellent books.
Find ways to support the community & volunteer.
Keep the faith.