EaglePicher Technologies

Clean Energy

EaglePicher is an energy company with a 100-year history that includes every major US space mission and innovative technology combinations, including sustainable tech like wind, solar, and hydraulic power.

In their 100 years of history, they had never partnered with a design agency. To enter the new energy markets in New York, they needed materials to showcase their credibility to new prospects.

They also needed to get their staff get excited about their history all over again to passionately represent their company at an upcoming trade show.

The best part for us: seeing the team go to a trade show in NYC and be on-target with design for that event.

Brand Design

We created a new logo usage that incorporates circuitry details and a battery illustration to keep the engineered look and feel.

Sales Kit Design

We redesigned EaglePicher’s business cards and created new brochures to give them a cutting-edge professional feel while networking.

Landing Page Design

To drive more leads through SEO, we created a responsive landing page for EaglePicher.

Client Feedback

  • Thanks so much for getting this stuff delivered in time for this event. Couldn’t be happier.Callie Hudson, Marketing

Energy Sales Kit Design

Energy Landing Page Design