A New Website for EMSA

Early in 2019, Emergency Medical Services Authority—Oklahoma’s largest provider of pre-hospital emergency medical care—was looking for a new website. Their current site design was several years old, not usable on mobile, difficult for them to update, and full of outdated content.

They chose Aqua Vita to give their website a more modern, responsive look that would be easier for both their team to update and for end users to navigate. And with a massive brand update forthcoming, it was the perfect time to get a newly designed site.

Website Design & Development

We built the EMSA website on WordPress using Google best practices: responsive design, fast-loading page content, and integrated tracking software.

Marketing Strategy

We organized our marketing efforts across all channels, including print brochures, blog posts, email campaigns, landing pages, and social media platforms.

EMSA Website Design

EMSA Photography