Reliable Service

Since 1976, Inter-Chem has specialized in marketing and distribution for agricultural and industrial clients. Their reputation is built on a 40-year track record of performance and reliability. When they make a promise, they deliver.

Their background and market insights allow them to create effective solutions for their customers and suppliers. They build long-term relationships by treating their clients, carriers, and employees with honesty and respect. They are intensive about customer service, and customer needs are always a priority.

Website Design

We built the Inter-Chem website on WordPress with fast-loading page content, and integrated tracking software.

Values Poster Design

We created a poster that lists Inter-Chem’s company values to display in their office.

Client Feedback

  • "I'm very appreciative of your ability to change my words into something that is presentable."John Mayfield, Vice President, Inter-Chem

Chemical Website Design

Values Poster Design